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From NO SERVICE to 4 BARS of 4G LTE - A Phone Booster Case Study.

Jun 10, 2019

From NO SERVICE to 4 BARS of 4G LTE - A Phone Booster Case Study.

MesoExtreme Media owner and 15-year storm chasing veteran, Steve Polley, needed to boost the cell service in his rural 3,500 sq. ft. metal building that was located in a sump and surrounded by trees. His site survey found the building had very weak signals of -100 dB outside of the building and -111 dB inside the building.

He aimed to resolve the issue by installing a Fusion4Home Yagi-Panel antenna booster kit himself and, after powering on the unit, he now has reliable cell service for all US cell carriers' voice, text and 4G LTE data signals. "The beauty of the SureCall signal boosters is they just work", said Polley.

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  • “From zero to hero: a phone booster study” is what this should read. LOL. I like the idea of having a consistently strong cell signal and I’m sure everyone does. You have to admire how far the cell phone booster technology has come and how the prices have come down. I use my phone enough at home and in the car that I need a strong signal wherever I go.

    Madison Farmer on
  • Knowing what I know about radio signals (which cell phone signals are) and barriers, a metal structure is a bad place to live if you’re trying to get a cell signal. Definitely understand why this person picked up a cell phone booster for where they live. Looks like a major improvement for them.

    Marcus Lancaster on

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