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Uninterrupted Distance Learning with a Cell Phone Signal Booster

Aug 23, 2021

Uninterrupted Distance Learning with a Cell Phone Signal Booster

With the Covid-19 pandemic raging through the world, the way in which we stay connected, stream, and access data has changed dramatically. For many, slow data, dropped calls, and poor cell phone signal is no longer acceptable, especially if you now have to learn from home and rely on your connectivity to get the information you need.

As an ever increasing number of people have to start working and learning from home, the normal internet connections are increasingly being put under pressure with the big increase in user numbers. It can be extremely frustrating to not have a reliable connection, especially if you now have to depend on it just about 24/7. can fortunately provide distance learning cellular coverage solutions that will improve the reliability of your cellular and WiFi connections.

Your overall signal strength will improve and crowded WiFi connections avoided by using a signal booster. This will allow students of all ages to attend online classes via reliable connections, without having to struggle with intermittent or dropped calls. A wide range of cell phone signal boosters help keep you connected to online learning tools, right from home. Know that we offer volume discount for multiple kit purchases.

Universities and educational institutions will also benefit by installing Wi-Fi and cellular signal boosters, as improved connectivity will help the transfer of knowledge seamlessly from and to various learning mediums. is a leader in the signal booster industry and has been providing cell phone and Wi-Fi signal booster installation services to education related buildings like colleges, schools, and universities to improve cellular and WiFi reception throughout their premises.

If faculty, students, employees and staff experience wireless reception issues at your educational property, you won't find a signal boosters installer that has more experience. We have installed signal boosters at educational environments to help them make the most of their wireless broadband and mobile telephone Internet services. #distancelearning.

Wi-Fi Signal Boosters and Cell Signal Boosters.

Wifi signal boosters and cell phone signal boosters offer simple, affordable solutions to improve cellular reception in educational institutions. They provide reliable signal reception in multiple classrooms and buildings, thus enabling faster data transfers. Efficient communication and easy interaction between students and educators is possible without glitches, hang-ups, and dropped calls during voice-only and voice plus video calls. Large, historic campuses can retain their identities, while the boosters provide reliable security.

Installing of cell phone signal boosters and Wi-Fi signal boosters at schools, colleges and universities has many benefits. Uninterrupted distance learning with a cell phone signal booster reduces anxiety and frustration that results from dropped calls and slow Internet.

Administrators and educators are aware that top quality cellular reception is crucially important. Some of the reasons for this include achieving the best possible educational outcomes, attracting high achieving students, and maintaining campus operations.

Strong cell reception keeps staff members, faculty, and students, connected across a large area, while at the same time providing easy access to learning applications and other digital resources.

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  • Some people like distance learning and some people like learning in class with their fellow students. I think there’s something good about each method but if you do go ahead with distance learning, it’s not going to do you much good if you can’t access your school’s webpage or learning portal. I know many people who had trouble this year and last due to heavy traffic caused by the pandemic. Some of these people ended up getting a cell phone booster and it turned things around.

    Stephanie Richard on
  • It looks like the pandemic is finally slowing down, but for me, it’s a reminder that things can change up without warning. Personally, I enjoy distance learning because commuting can be a problem when the weather gets bad. The only problem is you can’t do distance learning when your phone or laptop can’t connect with the college due to connection problems. I’m getting ready to work on my doctorate and I plan on getting a wi-fi booster to ensure I have zero problems connecting, particularly if we experience another pandemic or something similar.

    Jill A. on
  • The pandemic has really exposed how poor our digital infrastructure is. There are so many homes that either lack high-speed Internet or have poor connections. We need to improve our cellular service too. One way to do so until we can get the infrastructure set up properly is to use cell phone signal boosters and wi-fi boosters. This will help with more than distance learning. It will help with people working from home and people who want to communicate with loved ones.

    Stanley Bogart on
  • There have been several news stories about the difficulty some families have going online for distance learning during the pandemic. It seems like they either have poor Internet access (due to living in a rural area with limited coverage) or because they can’t afford it. I see there are some private corporations stepping up and helping to fund Internet service, but I wonder whether people realize that in some cases (like the rural areas with limited coverage), you’ll need a cell phone signal booster. There are also situations where people need Wi-Fi boosters because wi-fi resources are strained due to so much use.

    Dave Danko on
  • Josh, as far as your comment “. I use my cell phone more than Wi-Fi, but the kids use the Wi-Fi a lot. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?”…
    Here’s an idea to consider for your cell phone and Wi-Fi needs Josh. It’s probably not the answer you want to hear but it’s important to know that each booster boosts network coverage on different frequencies so getting both separately would help improve reception on both type networks (wifi & cell).

    Shelby Rafferty on
  • I know many people who never expected to have to work from home and deal with their kids doing remote learning. The idea of working from home always seemed good to me, but not with having to manage the kids’ schoolwork, do your own work, and deal with slowed down cell service and/or wi-fi. For me, both cellular and Wi-Fi connections have become more than slow, they’ve become a real problem. I don’t know which would be better for me, a cell signal booster or a Wi-Fi booster. I use my cell phone more than Wi-Fi, but the kids use the Wi-Fi a lot. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

    Josh Rayburn on
  • What a disaster distance learning has been for kids everywhere. I’ve seen so many local news stories on kids who have devices for doing the work (Chromebooks and similar things), but their ability to connect with their school is difficult. I know cell phone and wi-fi signal booster can help and don’t understand why they aren’t brought up as options for people with these connectivity challenges.

    Eric Bradford on
  • I’m so glad I finished my schooling right before the pandemic. I actually took some online classes and enjoyed them, but the idea of doing them with a weak signal would cause me more stress than school did to begin with. In a case of good timing, I bought a wi-fi booster earlier this year and it’s been a big help for working from home.

    Sheila Kelly on

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