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Universal Cell Phone Signal Booster: Never Lose Reception Again!

Jun 06, 2017

Universal Cell Phone Signal Booster: Never Lose Reception Again!

You know it's happened to you. 

You're in the middle of a long road trip over a stretch of remote highway. There's not a cloud in the sky, hardly any traffic or buildings for miles around, just you, some travelling music and the open road. Maybe an emergency comes up, maybe you just want to catch up with a friend; whatever the case may be, you reach for your cell phone and there's no signal. Judging by your location, there isn't going to be a signal for quite some time.

With universal cell phone boosters, you never have to fear leaving a service area again! Roam free and stay connected at the same time. Never lose cell phone service again!

How It Works.

It is a misconception to say a universal cell phone booster creates a signal; it is not a tower or centrally connected to any particular network. No,  a signal booster receives existing cell phone signals and amplifies them.

Think of cell phone signals like fishing nets, thrown over wide areas of the country. For one reason or another, these nets aren't wide enough to cover everything all the time. With boosters, though, it is like sewing new links onto the existing net, widening what is already there.

Our universal cell phone signal boosters amplify signals from AT and T Wireless, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Sprint as well as all others in USA. They also amplify signal from all carriers in Canada including Rogers Wireless, Telus, and Bell. Our boosters and amplifiers are carrier agnostic, which means no matter major carrier you have, our boosters and amplifiers will work for you!

Home and Building Cell Boosters.

Why go one room to another hunting for a stable cell signal to make a call (assuming you can find a signal in your home or office)? An indoor cell phone booster can flood indoors with strong 3G, 4G, and LTE signals to make clear cellular calls whenever needed. We have signal amplifiers that boost reception in homes and buildings as well as in cars, trucks, RVs, or Marine boats, yachts, and ships.

Vehicle Cell Boosters.

As we said before, a vehicle universal signal booster can pull you out of a life-or-death situation or simply allow you to make a routine call without having to drive around looking for an area that gives you a spotty signal at best.

Using a cell phone in a car is difficult enough. When you drive, there's a good chance you're putting distance between yourself and a cell phone tower, which weakens the signal the further you travel. Moreover, there are dozens of factors that make calling from a car or truck difficult. You could be driving through the hills, through a series of tall buildings or through a tunnel. Signal waves can't travel through these solid masses.

As you struggle to find a signal, your cell phone's battery is draining, signal-less. It is an inefficient use of time and power, but we have got the solution to put you right back on track.

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  • Cell phone boosters that work on all carriers seem like the only way to go. I know many families use the same carrier, but what if you have a guest in your home or vehicle and your booster doesn’t support their carrier?

    Shawna Y. on
  • I like the comparison between cell phone boosters and added layers to a fishing net. I’ve been trying to find the best cell phone booster because I experience the problems listed in the article. I don’t just want a cell phone booster for home, but I want one for my car too. It’s clear that a cell phone booster is the best way how to boost cell phone signals, it’s just a question of where to get a cell phone booster—Verizon, Best Buy, AT&T, etc.

    Ryan Meese on
  • From what I’ve read here and in some other articles, there are many devices if you’re looking how to improve your cell phone signal strength. Personally, I like the idea of getting a universal device as I’m not limited to certain phones, nor are any companions in my vehicle. Now I just have to figure out which one to get…

    Craig Olsen on
  • I like having my cellular phone when I take long trips, not only for emergencies, but to pass the time by talking with friends and family. However, these trips often take me through rural areas with spotty coverage. A cellular signal booster is a wise investment in my opinion, whether you use your car for business or not. I have a hands-free device and with a booster, I’ll have something that keeps me connected.

    Morgan Matthews on

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