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Alpharetta, GA Salesman Improves Mobile Communication

Jun 01, 2017

Alpharetta, GA Salesman Improves Mobile Communication

Alpharetta Work from Home Salesman Improves Mobile Communication with Clients Courtesy of zBoost Signal Booster.

A Case Study.

Alpharetta, GA salesman inspired by a rental home’s zBoost signal booster seen during his vacation installs the zBoost SOHO cell phone signal amplifier successfully at home eliminating wireless calls problems and improving communication with clients.

Customer Details.

The salesman who largely works from home suffered the quandary of sporadic and unreliable cell phone signal strength. Lots of calls were missed and dropped as a result. A solution was required to help the salesman remain in touch throughout with clients. He needed to end the problem of missed and dropped calls and enhance the coverage in the entire home.

Major Concern.

Find a reliable cell phone talk booster and cell phone internet booster to eliminate sporadic cell calls and improve the signal strength in the home for mobile internet.

Proposed Solution.

Being in contact with clients is a must and important for a salesman. To make this possible, the salesman went for the zBoost SOHO cell phone signal booster they had noticed installed in Florida during their vacation. They had perfectly made calls and transmitted data easily from their bedroom where the zBoost cell phone coverage booster was installed. No missed or drop calls occurred in their bedroom throughout their vacation period. The salesman brought the kind of reliability he had enjoyed there to his home - A zBoost cell signal booster of his own to enhance his business.

About the Salesman.

Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, the salesman worked from home. He was encountering serious cell phone signal problems affecting his business. Having enjoyed a quality signal in their vacation bedroom in Florida, he knew exactly the kind of signal booster to purchase.

About zBoost.

For 15 years and many awards later, zBoost has been offering acclaimed signal boosters for cell phones and diverse cellular networks for use in homes, businesses and vehicles. The signal boosters don’t impede the reception of the carrier.

Post Installation Results.

  • Reliable cell phone signal across their home.
  • Able to call customers without dropping or missing calls.
  • Voice and data networks enhanced considerably.


Challenged by poor cellular signal in your place of work, home or business?, zBoost’s authorized installers, dealers and resellers can help once you provide location details and exact needs. The system you want will be designed and a quote with equipment cost and installation information provided to quickly set it up.


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  • If you’re a salesperson having problems making or taking calls, you can’t do your job. No client wants to struggle to hear you (or vice versa) or worse, get hung up on. I know when I call for sales or service, I don’t like being put on hold and I hate being hung up on (which seems to happen after I’ve been on hold). Yeah. I can see why someone would want a cell booster in their sales office.

    James Reese on
  • Does Verizon Wireless have a corporate office in Alpharetta, GA? I’m sure they would like to know how this man improved his cell phone reception using a cell phone booster. There are too many stories of people with dropped calls and poor call clarity for a cellular provider not to let people know about fixes like this.

    Steve Houston on
  • I want a strong cell phone signal whether I’m making a personal call or a business call. However, my clients want a strong and clear signal when they call me. No more dropped or fuzzy calls sounds good to me.

    Kit Upton on
  • Interesting how this gentleman inadvertently discovered the advantages of cellular signal boosters. I didn’t know they’ve been around as long as they have (trust me, I would have purchased one years ago had I known). I’m sure this purchase paid off many times over for the salesman as connectivity is key when you’re making a deal.

    Morgan Matthews on

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