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Wyoming High School Chooses SureCall Amplifier Installation.

May 22, 2017

Wyoming High School Chooses SureCall Amplifier Installation.

SureCall Force5 cell phone signal booster system selected by Wyoming's high school to improve mobile reception inside its concrete building.

Case Study.

Converse County School District selected SureCall Force5 cell signal amplifier system and SureCall's Sentry remote booster control and monitoring system for Douglas High School.

SureCall Boosting System Buyer Details.

Wyoming's Douglas High School had been experiencing poor or weak cellular signal reception across the facility. The result was limited communication ability across the area risking the safety of students, staff and teachers.

Poor or zero cell phone coverage in the high school's facilities meant that the staff, faculty and high school students were logging into the Wi-Fi of the institution, bogging it down and grounding important functions of the institution.

The fact that teachers, faculty and students were accessing the same network created risky security problems.

Major Concern.

Find a solution for the absent cellular signal throughout all locations in the building due to reinforced 18 inches concrete exterior walls and interior 18 inches reinforced walls across the facility, measuring 207,000 square feet.

SureCall Cell Signal Amplifier Solution.

SureCall Force5 signal amplifier model was selected as the DAS alternative best for the facility due its 3-year warranty, 72 dB gain, broad carrier reception and linear power. Force5 was agreed upon for its reliability, powerful features, adaptability and easy implementation.  For a superb independent network, Sentry Remote Booster Control and Monitoring System from SureCall was effectively coalesced with Force5.

Monitoring system allows remote monitoring of the performance of the system without an access to the network of Douglas High School to ensure no vital functions of the facility were accessed without authorization via a private type of network. Force5 settings can now be remotely adjusted to guarantee maximum capacity performance continually without the need of a specialized technician.

About Douglas High School.

An educational institution, Douglas High School is found in Douglas, Converse County in Wyoming built by the early 1970s. The building is about 207,000 sq. ft. in size.

About SureCall.

SureCall is a manufacturer and one of the market leaders in cellular device signal boosters. The company blends both innovation in design and top technology to create signal boosters that have won awards for great performance. Cellular signal boosters from SureCall enhances cell phone signal in voice, 3G and 4G data networks.

Post Installation Results.

  • Multi-zone signal boosting system installed allowing restriction of the facility’s Wi-Fi to school owned devices only.
  • Cellular coverage dramatically enhanced - Earlier measured coverage of -110dB improved to -62dB stabilizing the connection.
  • Students and teachers access to educational resources now easier as well as the administration’s access to necessary operational issues and tasks on a daily basis.


Contact in case you’re facing similar cell phone signal problems today. is a SureCall authorized installer, dealer and retailer. The most ideal system of cellular signal amplification you need will be perfectly prepared and only your requirements and location details are required. Proposal comes with a quote for installation and equipment for poor reception resolution in your commercial facility within the time-frame indicated.

SOURCE: Originally posted at SURECALL.COM. Modified to highlight SureCall signal boosting products were used for installation. was not the installer of signal booster system in this case study.


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  • There’s another story at about a high school that put a signal booster in. I can’t remember if it was a SureCall model or a different brand. Whatever it was, the story claims it did a lot to help parents, students, and staff who couldn’t make phone calls before it was installed.

    D.J. Ferdinad on
  • A school should have strong cell phone coverage for teachers and students, but there’s more too. I know Wyoming High Schools have a number of popular sports programs like Wyoming High School football, volleyball, basketball, and even wrestling. People who attend these events probably use cell phones so it makes sense to have cell phone boosters to make sure people can make calls.

    Anthony Larkin on
  • Wi-fi can be so helpful, particularly when you want to save on data usage on your phone. The problem is when you try accessing Wi-Fi in a high-traffic area. You might as well give up—that is unless you have something to make the Wi-Fi signal much stronger. This school administration obviously had the right idea when they put in a signal amplifier to improve Wi-Fi and calls.

    William Masterson on
  • I looked at this article and all I could think of was a bunch of students clogging up the cell towers. I know schools may have policies restricting cell phone use, but you know the faculty can only do so much. So how do you improve cell phone signal strength in case faculty need to call out? Looks like this school found the answer.

    Chris Stanford on

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