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weBoost's Fleet Vehicle Cellular Signal Booster Video

Jul 02, 2018

4G NMO Antenna Cell Phone Signal Booster For Fleet Vehicles.

weBoost Drive 4-GX Fleet is a powerful cellular signal booster which boosts voice and data up to 32 times, allowing your fleet's vehicle operators to stay connected, wherever they may be on the road.

Unlike most other vehicle cell signal boosters, this weBoost Drive 4G-X Fleet cell signal booster is a new product designed specifically for fleet vehicles like police cars, government or commercial vehicles, delivery trucks, construction vehicles or whatever your fleet might look like.

How the Drive 4-GX Fleet cell booster works.

The Drive 4-GX Fleet works by securely mounting the NMO antenna onto the vehicle, which captures signal from the nearest cell tower. That signal is sent through a 14-feet cable with an optional 6-feet extension cable to the 4GX booster which amplifies the signal up to 32 times. Then, an in-vehicle antenna broadcasts the now stronger signal inside your vehicle, giving you faster data and voice speeds. This product is designed to be professionally installed, leaving your vehicle clean and clutter free.

Improved Communication.

The Drive 4GX Fleet signal amplifier kit boosts any cell service carrier network signals, giving your staff the signal strength they need to communicate and stay connected with others on their team, no matter their cellular provider. Improved cell signal in your fleet vehicles with the Drive 4GX Fleet will leave communication with your team free of dropped calls and slow data speeds, whether it is a police officer getting faster notifications to respond to an incident, or a fleet of maintenance trucks being able to provide better customer service while in the field. This saves you time and allows your fleet to do their job more effectively.


Make sure your fleet is suited up with the easiest and most reliable way to stay connected, no matter where your work may take you, with the Drive 4G-X Fleet cell phone signal booster. Please note that it does require professional installation because the power supply needs to be hardwired to car battery and NMO mount antenna requires drilling a hole in the roof of the vehicle. If you need a simple, end-user self-installed cell signal signal booster kit, browse other weBoost Drive Wilson cellular booster kits including new and refurbished kits.

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  • What do you mean by refurbished kits? Are these up-to-date vehicle boosters or outdated ones that have been upgraded to meet current standards? Do they come with a warranty like the new models? Buying refurbished can save you money, but it’s important to know what it involves.

    Sean W. McKee on
  • “Are cell phones that important or is this another cash grab from businesses and government agencies?” K.T., while the government is always out to spend money (that’s my take on things), I think you can make a good argument for having cell phone boosters in your fleets. Keep in mind that the cell phone booster in a vehicle does more than increase your communication capabilities, it also increases the signal for the phone’s other functions such as texting and accessing the Internet. It also helps if you have a tablet or other data device tied in with the cell phone signal, which is another reason to want to make sure your signal is strong.

    Lonnie Van Pelt on
  • What’s up with all these fleets having cell phone boosters? What’s so important about agency or businesses having to have cellular signal boosters in their cars? What happened to the days of radios in cars? Are cell phones that important or is this another cash grab from businesses and government agencies?

    K.T. Higgins Jr. on
  • I’ve heard about WeBoost car cell phone boosters so I wanted to check this video out. I’ve looked for the best cell phone boosters out there for cars and wanted to see how agencies such as law enforcement or construction businesses handle problems with staying connected. This video was a good look at the advantages for having cellular signal boosters for vehicle fleets. I was surprised by how they don’t take up much space. I’m sure law enforcement appreciates this as their squad cars are packed with digital technology now. Have you ever seen all the gadgets in the front seat?

    Sandy Hoover on
  • If you want to learn a lot in a little time, watch one of’s videos. WeBoost drive looks like a reliable way for fleets to stay in touch via cell phones. As anyone who’s tried making a call while on the road can say, the reliability of calls is remarkably haphazard. You may have a strong signal one moment and a weak (or nonexistent) signal the next. You don’t want dropped calls when you’re on the road trying to communicate. WeBoost will take the cell phone signal and strengthen it for your fleet so you have strong signals wherever a signal is available.

    Ray Stanford on

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