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Install Video of weBoost Drive 4G-X Fleet 470221 Installation

Jul 02, 2018

Installation of weBoost Drive 4G-X Fleet 470221 with NMO Antenna.

In above weBoost Drive 4G-X Fleet 470221 installation video, we install the weBoost Drive 4G-X Fleet professional cell phone signal booster onto a 2018 Dodge Ram pickup truck. Unlike most other vehicle cell phone signal boosters, this product requires professional vehicle cell signal booster installation as it deals with permanent antennas and hardwiring to your vehicle. If you want easy-install vehicle signal booster instead, browse other weBoost Drive Wilson cellular signal amplifiers including new and refurbished kits. Drive 4G-X fleet vehicle signal booster kit can be installed on any type of fleet vehicle. Examples include police patrol cars, delivery vans, ambulances and transportation service trucks to guarantee a strong cellular signal wherever duty takes them. Don't worry if vehicle your fleet has is not the one being shown, because the process of installation is very similar.

Steps Before Installation Procedure Begins.

Before we begin, we recommend disconnecting the vehicle battery leads to avoid any electrical shocks during installation. Drive 4-GX Fleet box comes with everything we need. We can find the Drive 4G-X signal booster, the fixed outside antenna, the inside antenna the 3/4 inch NMO cable mount and a 12-volt power supply. For ease of installation, we have also included an optional 6 ft. cable extension, an O-ring grease pack and protective tape. We will also need a 3/4 hole saw to install outside antenna and any necessary tools for hardwiring the power supply.

Installation of outside vehicle permanent-mount antenna.

First we begin with the outside antenna. We begin the procedure by pulling the head liner from the vehicle to an unobtrusive area without any cables. Locate a spot on the roof at least 12 inches away from any other antennas, and at least 6 inches away from any windows, including sun roofs. Placing the antenna too close to a window or sunroof may allow the two antennas to communicate with one another causing feedback or oscillation. This will cause the booster to decrease its output power or possibly shut down. We strongly recommend installing the antenna on the roof to guarantee optimal performance, but in some cases, we may need to mount it elsewhere due to obstructing materials or design. This is acceptable but please understand that mounting the antenna anywhere other than the roof may affect the performance of the booster.

Apply protective tape into place using a ¾ inch hole saw.

Once we have selected the best location for the antenna, apply the protective tape into place. Using a ¾ inch hole saw, drill a hole in the center of the tape, feed the NMO cable through the roof until the mount is secured on the roof of the vehicle. Apply the included silicone grease to the O-ring on the NMO collar, making sure the grease doesn't touch the pan contact surface on the O-ring and on the antenna. Finally, we screw the collar to the mount base of the antenna until the gasket is touching the roof of the vehicle. Then we finger-tighten the collar, then use a wrench to lock it in place.

Put antenna cable with NMO (New Motorola) mount into place.

The NMO mount cable is 14 feet long, so it can easily run under the head liner and panelling. We pull the head liner down enough to get the cable to the desired side panel so we can get the cable to the floor of the vehicle. Either we run the cable under the carpet or on the floor to the desired booster location. The booster should be placed on a location that is free from excessive heat, direct sunlight, moisture and has proper ventilation. Good locations include underneath the seat or under the dashboard. We must avoid connecting any cables to the booster until both antennas and power supply are properly installed.

Mounting the inside vehicle signal booster antenna.

Next identify a place to mount the inside antenna. It will have the best performance when mounted vertically. The interior antenna comes with an adhesive and velcro mount option. Clean the desired mounting surface with the included wipe. Then simply peel the backing off and attach the antenna on location.

Hardwire the power supply.

To reiterate, the battery should be disconnected to avoid any electrical shocks during installation. We route the cables through the vehicle firewall and locate the fuse box. Keep in mind that if choosing the battery as the power supply, we recommend wiring the booster to cycle power to avoid battery drainage when the vehicle is turned off. Connect the cable from outside antenna to the port labelled "Outside Antenna" on the cellular phone signal booster, and connect the cable from inside antenna to the port labeled "Inside Antenna" on the cellular booster. Finally, connect the power supply cord to the booster port labelled, "Power".


If you would like to have this fleet vehicle cell signal booster with fixed, permanently installed external antenna, please note that it must be installed by a professional vehicle cell signal booster installer. The hole-drilling required for exterior antenna and hardwiring of booster power cable to the car battery are not tasks that a layperson can do, and without professional installer hardware tools.

For professional installation, call:


Or request quote by expert vehicle cell signal booster installers.

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  • So if you have a fleet of vehicles and you need vehicle boosters installed in them, you need a professional installer? So why is this video on your site? Is this an informational video for people curious about how they work? I can’t imagine it’s a guide for installers as they know how to install them. I just find it curious to see it.

    Roberta Flynn on
  • Thanks for explaining you need a PROFESSIONAL INSTALLER. You must have said this about 100 times. The video was interesting and I can’t imagine a regular Joe installing these WeBoost Drive Fleet cell phone boosters into their vehicles by themselves. I still think it’s funny how you mention it so many times. It’s like looking at all the warning stickers on ladders that caution you not to fall off. Unfortunately, I’m sure there are people who have tried installing these without the right know-how and/or tools hence the advisories. LOL.

    Ward Jacobson on
  • When I see more articles about cell phone boosters for fleets, I realize how prevalent cell phone boosters are becoming for people and businesses. People and businesses both appreciate interior cell phone boosters because they know they will amplify a cell phone signal so anyone inside a home or office can enjoy a strong signal. Something identical occurs with exterior cell phone signal boosters where people can enjoy strong cell phone signals in their motor vehicle or here, a business can ensure its motor vehicle fleet can stay in touch with one another. While a cell phone booster doesn’t magically create a signal out of thin air, it will boost the weakest of signals. Is it any wonder that cell phone boosters are becoming so popular?

    Mikey Schueller on
  • If you spend any amount of time cruising through, you’ll discover they have a virtual library of information on cell phone signal boosters ranging from how they work, what they do to make life easy for cell phone users, reviews of different boosters, and how to install equipment. So, if you’re looking at a WeBoost drive 4g x and want to know about it, come here. This page has a WeBoost drive 4gx install guide/WeBoost 4g x setup to show you just what it looks like . The WeBoost 4g x mobile signal booster is a good piece of equipment and as you can see, there’s lot of information on how to get it going.

    Stan Jackson on

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