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High Performance Fixed Antenna Cell Phone Signal Booster Review

Jul 02, 2018

High Performance Fixed Antenna Cell Phone Signal Booster Review

The following review goes over all details of the high performance fixed antenna cell phone signal booster that has been designed for installation in fleet vehicles such as the following:

Fleet Vehicles for Installation of High Performance Fixed Antenna Cell Phone Signal Booster

Fixed Antenna Booster Kit Contents:

  • Drive 4G X booster.
  • 4G NMO antenna.
  • 14 ft. NMO mounting cable.
  • 6 ft. RG-58 extension cable.
  • New in-vehicle server antenna.
  • Hardwire power supply 851111.
  • Hole drilling protective tape.
  • O-ring sealant.
  • Installation Instructions.

Fixed Antenna Booster Kit Features:

  • Kit will use a high performance NMO antenna.
  • Clutter free installation - all cable besides server antenna can be hidden.
  • 14 feet mounting cable with 6 feet optional extension allows the antenna to work on a wide range of vehicles.
  • Securely mounted antennas and power.
  • Uses new in vehicle server antenna.
  • Includes O-ring sealant to prevent leakage.
  • Includes protective tape so vehicle is not damaged when installing antenna.
  • Improves voice and data speeds inside vehicles.
  • Will help keep people working from vehicle connected while on the road.
  • Boosts fleet tracking devices allowing fleet managers to better track vehicles.

Updated Antenna Performance.

Antenna efficiency calculated from spherically integrated signal Gain

Antenna Efficiency Calculated (in %) From Spherically Integrated Gain.
  • New NMO antenna will have better performance than 301126 (Mini Mag Antenna).
  • NMO antenna tested with 14 feet RG-58 cable.
  • Mini Mag tested with 12 feet RG-174 cable.

Target Market.

  • Professional installers.
  • Upfitters.
  • Government fleets.
  • City/ Municipalities.
  • Commercial fleets.
  • Fleet managers.

Target Vehicles.

  • Cars and trucks class 1-5.
  • Total fleet and non-fleet size 2018 cars and trucks class 1-5.

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  • I wonder how many delivery services l rely on vehicle fleets. I think Uber Eats and Grub Hub use delivery drivers as independent contractors so it’s different than say an agency that delivers office supplies via a fleet of vans or a fleet of police cars/SUV’s. This information on fixed antenna cell phone boosters shows how widespread cell phone use is compared to using traditional radio systems.

    Carl Fairfax on
  • Personally, I’ve always wondered how businesses can rely on using cell phones for communication between vehicles when it’s common to go through areas with poor cell phone coverage. I don’t know how good this cell phone booster is, but I can’t picture any fleet operating without boosters in each vehicle.

    Erik Patterson on
  • I never knew how much antennas could help until I had a friend adjust an antenna in my stereo system as well as recently with a satellite radio system. I have no doubt an antenna will help you with a phone booster too.

    Catherine O’Shea on
  • Do cell phone antenna boosters work? I keep seeing ads for cell phone signal boosters for home and wonder if there’s anything to the hype. I know businesses like to keep in touch with their employees so something like this antenna sounds good on paper. If it really increases signal strength for cell phones, you’d have a solid network for reliable communications. As it is, we know how bad cell phone reception can get (especially in rural areas) so it’s understandable why a business would want something like this.

    Kate Montgomery on
  • Looking for the best cell phone booster and I clicked this blog because I want to know-do cell phone boosters work in rural areas? Based on what I’m reading here, cell phone boosters work in motor vehicles traveling through rural areas so why wouldn’t they work at home? Yes, the cell phone boosters here are for motor vehicles, but they work on the same principle as the cell phone signal boosters for home. Can’t wait to look further into this. By the way, this was an interesting article even though I don’t need a high performance system like this one.

    Ivan J. on
  • If you’re going to buy some new (or newer) technology, you should research the field to see what’s out there and whether products deliver. I was looking for the best cell phone booster because I have a problem with bad call quality and dropped calls. I want a cell phone booster for home, so I can make calls without people asking me what I just said. It’s so aggravating. While I was doing my research, I came across this review about fixed antennas. I don’t own a fleet of trucks, but the fact that fleets are using cell phone signal boosters suggests to me that they do work. I plan on getting one because I don’t know what else to do to get clear calls and I refuse to pay the outrageous prices for land lines.

    Chet Jackson on

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