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Why Does Cell Phone Signal Strength Drop?

May 23, 2018

Find out the top reasons why cell phone signal strength reduces typically from 5 bars in your smartphone indicating full strength, to maybe 2 or 1 bar - or even display the dreadful, "No Service" message! See the PDF shown below for clear explanation of each reason. If it does not load, please re-load this page and it should load. If your browser does not support PDF files you can view our, "causes of cell phone signal strength drop or reduction infographic".

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Now that you know the reasons why your cellphone reception decreases, here're few ways you can maintain your cellular connection so you can continue talking without dropping the call and without experiencing static or choppy sound during your talks on your cell phone:

10 tips for better cell phone signal now!

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  • When people ask me why cell phones aren’t working correctly, I try to explain to them that there are many elements that can affect the phone’s signal. Generally, things are easier to explain when I tell them the cell phone signal is a radio signal and that it can be affected by different things (such as the ones listed here like terrain and bad weather. I also try to explain how cell phone boosters can help a lot when the bad signals are an ongoing problem.

    Harley Hale on
  • It was helpful learning what causes bad cell phone reception. I think cell phones (especially smart phones) are one of the greatest developments in the last 20 years, but as this graphic shows, there are some unusual things (at least I think) that can weaken or even stop signals. I’ve always wondered how to improve my mobile’s signal strength. Some of these look remarkably easy to use. Not sure if I want to spend the money on a cell phone signal booster, but it’s good to know what all my options are.

    Leslie Atkinson on
  • Marty, you ask whether people would recommend you getting a cell phone booster if you’re constantly having trouble with your cell phone. If you’re constantly having problems with your phone, are you talking about: 1) dropped calls; 2) bad audio quality; 3) slow data speeds; and/or 4) delays in getting texts, emails, and/or voice mails that were sent to you hours ago? If the answer to any of these is yes, you should look into getting a cell phone booster because it sounds like you’re having some type of signal related issue. The cell phone signal booster will increase the signal you’re receiving in your home and strengthen it throughout your home. It’s a good purchase for anyone having the problems you mention.

    Herman Schwartz on
  • Helpful list of items that can make cell phone use into a waking nightmare. I get so frustrated when I try to call someone and the line is full of static or it disconnects in the middle of ringing. Cell phones can be such a help, but when they’re not working right, they’re a major aggravation. I’m glad there are things to look out for that can interfere with your cell phone’s signal strength so now I can be more aware of my environment. At the same time, I have to figure out a better solution to my problem. Would people recommend getting a cell phone booster if I’m constantly having trouble with my cell phone?

    Marty Finkelstein on

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