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Wi-Fi + HD-TV + Cell-Phone Signal Booster Installation Service

Jun 24, 2017

Wi-Fi + HD-TV + Cell-Phone Signal Booster Installation Service

Boost and improve wireless signals of all three Cellular, Wi-Fi, and HDTV simultaneously with a single signal amplifier and a cleaner installation with SureCall's commercial signal boosters including the industry leading 7 band signal booster, the Force 7 Signal Booster. It can be installed using's turnkey, white glove, cell phone signal booster installation service. Watch the video below for more details.


Staying connected to the workplace is essential in today's wireless world. While many believe that only people who live and work in remote areas far from large cities experience dropped calls and spotty Wi-Fi reception, it is not the case. Often, buildings in the middle of urban areas experience these same problems. Many factors prevent cellular signals from penetrating throughout a building. This includes distance from cellular towers, dense buildings consisting of concrete metal walls, roofs and low emissivity glass windows.

Solutions to cellular coverage problem.

Distributed Antenna Systems also called DAS is one solution to this problem. However, DAS is expensive and takes a long time to install. SureCall's line of signal boosters for commercial installations offer an effective solution to weak cellular reception and slow 4G LTE data speeds at a fraction of the cost of DAS. SureCall's line of commercial boosters provide cellular and 4G LTE data signal enhancement for all North American carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile, Bell, Rogers, and Telus. Each industrial amplifier covers areas ranging from a small office to 80 thousand square feet per system. It also has the ability to add more similar amplifiers to the system for coverage to larger areas. With our new seven band models, the Force-7 (for up to 80,000 sq. ft.) and Fusion7 (for up to 20,000 sq. ft.), SureCall is the first to incorporate Wi-Fi & HD TV signal boosting capabilities!

How do commercial signal boosters work and resolve the problem?

The signal booster will receive signal from outside donor antenna. Commercial signal amplifier cleans it up and gives it extra power. Then, that signal will go into the splitter. And then that signal will send powerful signal to different inside antennas. Those inside antennas will then rebroadcast the cellular signal within all large interior spaces of an office/ apartment building or real-estate property. In addition, many of our in building commercial solutions can be used with Sentry, SureCall’s monitoring software. This allows network managers to remotely access and adjust the signal booster to control overpowering, oscillation, and over attenuation.


Before installing your SureCall system, you should create an installation plan of where to install the components. Please contact us for more details and request a cell phone signal booster installation quote by certified cellular signal installers. Or request quote now for equipment and installation to boost WiFi, HDTV, and 4G LTE cell reception in your commercial building or property up to 1,000,000 square feet.

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  • This is really cool. A three-in-one booster is something many people can use because they usually have problems with cell phone coverage and wi-fi. Throw in something that helps with HD-TV and it seems like a great investment.

    Jesse Soto on
  • I know from experience that going downtown is one of the worst areas for making or taking cellphone calls. I’ve been in my car numerous times driving down the highway and as soon as I get off the highway into the city, the buildings do a number on my cell phone signal. I know from experience that it happens in buildings too (and not just elevators) as these high-rise buildings have so many different materials that can weaken or kill your signal. A car cell booster is on the horizon for me because I do a good amount of business in my car.

    Jay Hudson on
  • I know there are things like cell boosters to help with poor reception and all that, but I didn’t know you could get a device that handles all your problems (wi-fi/cell, etc.) in one. These models look like they’re for big businesses, but are there units for the home that handle all these tasks in one?

    Anna Weinstein on
  • In the world of cell phone and wifi signal boosters, there seems to be a growing need for cell phone boosters for office buildings as companies want good cell phone coverage for 1) visitors and 2) employees. It might sound counterintuitive as people might be accustomed to an office having its own phone lines, etc. However, keep in mind cell phones have become so prevalent that they are used in offices a lot, in addition to traditional phones. I think this explains why businesses are getting cell phone signal boosters for large buildings and we’re seeing industrial wifi signal boosters as well.

    Jeff Harris on
  • As cell phone signal boosters become more common, I think you’re going to see more offices using more wi-fi calling. A cell phone signal booster optimizes cell phone signal strength so you don’t get the dropped calls and wonky reception you used to get. I don’t know if offices will phase out wired phones, but I think cell phone signal boosters are going to change the business offices of the world.

    Frank Colby on
  • I’d like to learn more about this remote access software. I like the idea of being able to monitor a cell phone signal booster from a remote location to make sure it’s doing its job of maximizing cell phone signal strength. It’s amazing how much remote monitoring software is available today.

    Brian Wacholski on
  • This article is definitely right about great metropolitan cities having poor cellular coverage. I’ve been in big cities where you’re lucky to get two bars and dropped calls are common. I just can’t help but wonder why this is such a problem. I know the article says businesses are looking how to improve cellular phone signal coverage, but if you know how, why aren’t you using the right equipment?

    Marc Jenssen on

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