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Wilson Pro Enterprise 1300 & 1300R Video

Aug 08, 2019

Watch video below showing details of Wilson Pro Enterprise 1300/R cell phone signal booster for commercial buildings requiring indoor cellular reception improvement over up to 40,000 square feet. Compare Wilson 1300 and Wilson 1300R with Wilson Pro Enterprise 4300/R video.

A look at the Enterprise 1300, a best in category in-building cell signal amplifier from Wilson Pro:

Introducing the Enterprise 1300.

Introducing the Enterprise 1300 in-building cellular signal amplifier from Wilson Pro. It is available in both wall-mount and rack-mount options. The Enterprise product line represents the latest in cellphone signal boosting technology. That is evidenced by an industry-first three outdoor antenna port configuration, backed by Wilson Pro multi tower targeting technology.

Why up to 3 exterior signal feeds?

Never been possible before, you can now use up to three outdoor antennas - all at once, with the Enterprise 1300 or 1300R cell phones signal booster system. Each one can be dedicated to a specific frequency band or carrier to collectively amplify the existing cellu. signal from multiple cell carrier towers. In-building coverage can thus be maximized like never before.

Other options available.

When the situation doesn't call for multiple outdoor antennas, the Enterprise 1300 also allows for common mode as a default, using just a single outdoor donor antenna through a single port to receive the incoming cell signal.

For Mid-Sized Buildings.

It is suitable for mid-sized commercial building spaces up to 40,000 square feet. This makes the Wilson Pro Enterprise 1300 an ideal solution for retail stores, restaurants, medical clinics, office locations, grocery stores and other small businesses.

Easier to use with Intuitive 4.3 inch LCD touchscreen.

For greater usability, the Enterprise 1300 features an intuitive 4.3 inch LCD touchscreen display. It helps to troubleshoot easily, assess performance, turn bands on and off, and adjust outside antenna settings. Along with its remote monitoring capabilty using broadband wifi or cellular modem built-in, it is the easiest ever to operate and maintain the system onsite or offsite.

Remote Monitoring like never before.

The Enterprise 1300 offers remote functionality via the Wilson Pro cloud, using a wired connection or using the built-in LTE cellular modem for wireless access. This gives integrators and building managers the ability to manage, monitor and make adjustments to their amplifier while off-site using a smartphone or tablet. Real-time updates notifying users of system failure, oscillation or changes in signal strength are received via text or email on a mobile device for troubleshooting and diagnosis.

Reaches farther cell towers and provides larger indoor coverage.

It is the most powerful cell signal amplifier in its price range. When it comes to reaching cell towers at greater distances with those outside antennas, the Enterprise 1300 generates up to 26.7 dBm in uplink output. With up to 16.9 dBm downlink power, it provides the best maximum possible indoor cell signal for everyone in your building, regardless of the carrier or cell phone they use.

The most powerful and advanced amplifier in its price range.

With up to 16.9 dBm in downlink output, it is the most powerful cellphones signal amplifier in its price range. With Wilson Pro's proprietary extended dynamic range technology, the Enterprise 1300 offers continuous connectivity, even in the presence of a strong incoming signal from the cellular tower. Its onboard software automatically adjusts gain levels up and down as needed, quickly adapting to changes in the existing signal environment to avoid a shutdown or overload of the system.

Best in its category.

With the Enterprise 1300, small businesses can improve employee productivity, enhance the customers’ mobile experience and protect the security of their network by providing connectivity through cellular. It also includes a three year manufacturer's warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee from The Enterprise 1300, a best in category in-building cell signal amplifier from WilsonPro.

Visit Wilson Pro Enterprise 1300 and 1300R product listing page for more details.

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  • Normally when I see Pro in a cell phone signal booster’s name, I know it’s going to be one for a commercial building. This Wilson Pro Enterprise 1300 and 1300R obviously aren’t for your 1-bedroom studio apartment but they do sound ideal for a variety of businesses. I know you mention some grocery stores could benefit from them but I don’t know any that have them because all the grocery stores around me have bad reception.

    Jamie Neely on
  • Interesting seeing these set up and operating. I’d like to go to an office that has a Wilson commercial booster set up to see just how well my cell phone works. Are there any places I could go to see what it’s like having a cell phone booster around, whether it’s in my home or in the workplace?

    Brad Gerard on
  • I don’t know enough about commercial cell phone signal boosters to comment on everything here, but Wilson Pro’s 1300 and 1300R impresses me for two reasons—that it features the latest amplification technology (which hopefully means it will last a long time) and the multiple antennas which make it more adaptable for individual locations.

    Kenny Couglin on
  • Wilson Pro supposedly has been around pretty much since cell phone amplifiers came out. Obviously I’m not getting an amplifier that handles 40,000 square feet (how big is that BTW?) but I love the idea that this can reach cell phone towers that are far away. I see this working well in 2 ways—for businesses located in remote areas and for instances where nearby cell towers might be disabled but one further away isn’t.

    Lee Parker on

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