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Wilson Pro Enterprise 4300 & 4300R Video

Aug 08, 2019

Watch video below showing details of Wilson Pro Enterprise 4300/R cell phone signal booster for commercial buildings requiring indoor cellular reception improvement over up to 100,000 square feet. Compare Wilson 4300 and Wilson 4300R with Wilson Pro Enterprise 1300/R video.

The Enterprise 4300 in-building cellular signal amplifier.

A look at the revolutionary Wilson Pro Enterprise 4300 in-building cell signal amplifier:

Introducing the Enterprise 4300.

Introducing the Enterprise 4300 in-building cellular signal amplifier from Wilson Pro. It is available on both wall mount and rack mount options. The Enterprise product line represents the latest in cell phones signal boosting technology. This is evidenced by an industry-first, three outdoor antenna port configuration. This unique triple antenna feed set-up for exterior antennas is backed by Wilson Pro's multi tower targeting technology.

Why use 3 outside antennas?

Use up to three outdoor antennas all at once, with each one dedicated to a specific frequency band or carrier. This amplifies existing cell signal from multiple carrier's cell towers like never before. Furthermore, with effective power of four amplifiers in one, the Enterprise 4300 helps to maximize in-building coverage in large multi-level commercial spaces up to 100,000 square feet. This makes the Wilson Pro Enterprise 4300 ideally suited for hospitals, big-box retailers, superstores, office complexes, factories and warehouses.

Other extraordinary features.

When the situation doesn't call for multiple outdoor antennas, the Enterprise 4300 also allows for common mode as a default, using just a single outdoor donor antenna through a single port to receive the incoming cell signal. The Enterprise 4300 offers remote functionality via the Wilson Pro Cloud with a wired connection or using the built-in LTE cellular modem for wireless access. This gives integrators and building managers the ability to manage, monitor and make adjustments to their amplifier while off-site using a smartphone or tablet. Real-time updates notifying users of system failure, oscillation or changes in signal strength are received via text or email on a mobile device for troubleshooting and diagnosis.

Intuitive 4.3 inch LCD touchscreen.

For greater usability, the Enterprise 4300 features an intuitive 4.3 inch LCD touchscreen display to troubleshoot, assess performance, adjust outside antennas, turn bands on and off. As for amplification power, the Wilson Enterprise Pro 4300 generates up to 26 dBm in uplink output, giving it more than enough power to reach faraway cell towers and provide the best possible indoor cell signal for everyone in your building, regardless of the carrier or cell phone they use.

The most advanced and powerful amplifier in its price range.

Backed by up to 17 dBm in downlink output, the Enterprise 4300 is the most powerful cell signal amplifier in its price range and the only one in its category to feature a total of four independently controlled indoor antenna ports. The inclusion of four independently controlled indoor antenna ports is particularly impressive as each one is equipped with up to 17 dBm in downlink output of its own, maximizing the Enterprise 4300’s ability to expand cell coverage. With Wilson Pro's proprietary, extended dynamic range technology, the Enterprise 4300/R offers continuous connectivity, even in the presence of a strong incoming signal from the tower. Its onboard software automatically adjusts gain levels up and down as needed, quickly adapting to changes in the existing signal environment to avoid a shutdown or overload of the system.

Revolutionary in-building cell signal amplifier.

With the Enterprise 4300R (Rack-Mount) or 4300 (Wall-Mount), businesses and organizations can improve employee productivity, enhance the customers' mobile experience and protect the security of their network by providing connectivity through cellular. It also includes a three year manufacturer's warranty and 60-days money-back guarantee from Enterprise 4300, the most revolutionary in-building cell signal amplifier yet from Wilson Pro.

Visit Wilson Pro Enterprise 4300 and 4300R product listing page for more details.

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  • Thanks for explaining the details for the Wilson Pro Enterprise such as why you might need three antennas. I’d never know where to start with one of these cell boosters but I’m sure information such as that is helpful for people who work in the field or are buying a system for their workplace.

    Savio K. on
  • Hey Billy. I don’t know if this site has a YouTube channel but there are a variety of videos I found. Just go to the search box, type in “video” then click “news and information.” You can also try this link* for a bunch of videos. I’ve found some of them to be interesting and even helpful.

    Kyle Cole on
  • Congratulations to the people who produce your videos. I don’t know if they’re done in-house or by someone on the outside. Whoever makes them does a good job. They look professional and showcase your different products. Do you have a YouTube channel by any chance? If you do, what’s the name of the channel?

    Billy Dunsworth on
  • Too bad you need 3 antennas to get the job done. I guess it’s good that they make these models with multiple antennas but I don’t see why you need a cell phone booster to begin with or a bunch of antennas. I must be out of the loop somehow because it doesn’t make sense to me.

    Aaron Knowles on
  • I hope I don’t sound like a billionaire but these Wilson Pro Enterprise boosters aren’t expensive for pro models that do this much for commercial buildings. Prices keep coming down and I hope cell phone boosters are commonplace soon because way too many businesses have downright crummy cell phone reception. You walk into a building and your phone dies.

    Heather Scott on
  • These professional cell phone boosters look powerful and it’s good to see the videos highlighting them. Are there any type of independent reviews for them? I like word of mouth reviews, but I’m curious if the Wilson Pro 4300 and 4300R have been reviewed by any tech magazines, websites, etc.?

    Devin Moore on

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