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Wilson Electronics introduces weBoost Home MultiRoom & Home Complete

Aug 27, 2019

Wilson Electronics introduces weBoost Home MultiRoom & Home Complete

What is new and what is it replacing?

Wilson Electronics has announced its two new revamped kits "Home MultiRoom" and "Home Complete" meant to replace their predecessors, "Connect 4G" and "Connect 4G-X". The latter set has been very successful cell phone signal boosters and these new ones are set to become more popular with many new improvements.

With one exception, they are both targeted for residential market but can work great in business settings in offices and small retail stores. That exception is an installed version of weBoost Home Complete, the weBoost Installed Home Complete which can only be purchased with INSTALLATION INCLUDED in residential housing across USA fifty states.

The new weBoost Installed is the first new cell phone signal booster kit with installation included. It is time that everybody that can afford one, can now buy both cell booster and installation service from one place for perfect optimized installation - that works.

Requirement for them to work in your indoor setting.

Wilson Electronics is a leading cell phone booster tech company. However, there's an important requirement that must be met for any cell phone signal booster to work. These weBoost's latest cellular signal boosters for indoor usage, are capable of solving all cell signal dead zone worries as long as there's some reception outside that they can multiply or amplify to provide good reception indoors.

Differences between the two new kits - which one to choose?

The new weBoost Home Complete and weBoost Home Multi Room are both consumer-friendly, yet powerful indoor cellular signal booster devices. They are made for providing solid cell connectivity in houses that are up to 7500 and 5000 square feet in size, respectively. Indoor square footage will vary based on outside signal strength.

For example, if outside signal strength of up to 5,000 sq. ft. home is very weak or worse than -100 dBm (Decibel Milliwatts, a unit of signal strength measurement) - Then you will need the next more powerful signal booster (Home Complete) that states it covers up to 7,500 sq. ft. to cover up to 5,000 sq. ft. of your home space indoors.

Along the same lines, if signal is very weak outside, the Home Multi-Room kit intended to cover up to 5000 sq. ft. may only cover up to 1000 sq. ft. Therefore, users must measure signal strength at an optimal spot outside home/office where outside antenna can be placed, to determine the most appropriate kit that will be needed to get rid of all dead zone spaces inside. 

You can check signal strength of all carriers most accurately with a signal meter or a single carrier that is connected through SIM card in your iPhone or Android phone using this dBm measuring method.

Carrier Compatibility.

These boosters are compatible with all North American wireless carriers and their mobile devices. They allow their users to fully enjoy enhanced voice quality, faster data connectivity, uninterrupted texts, and lower dropped call frequency throughout their homes and offices.

Whether you have to stay in contact with family or friends or need to complete vital business-related tasks, the Home-Complete and Home Multi-Room devices are perfect for ensuring strong cellular signals, based on the strength of signal outside and the size of the house.

Improvements over earlier comparable models.

Inclusion of Band 25 coverage in both kits helps enhance Sprint LTE network reception which was not the case in earlier two modelsweBoost's custom-designed new antennas and their mounting assemblies make it earlier than ever to install them on roofs without additional mounting accessories such as a mounting pole. 

The Home MultiRoom has maximum gain of around 65 dB and total uplink-output power enhancement up to around 21 dBm, which allows it to extend its cell tower reach by 40% more, compared to older models. Since downlink-output power has also been enhanced to around 12 dBm, indoor coverage has been extended by 80%, compared to older models.

The Home Complete booster is ideal for those searching for a viable method for cellular coverage maximization, throughout the entire house. It can enable a gain of over 72 dB and 24 dBm (total uplink-output power), which makes it able to reach cellular towers with a 26% greater range compared to the Home MultiRoom. It also enables a 46% improvement in indoor coverage, greater than the Home MultiRoom's area coverage.

Both the Home Complete and Home MultiRoom aren’t just tech breakthroughs. These devices also come with enhanced aesthetics. The booster units fit custom user-friendly mounting brackets along with fabric-covered stylish inside antennas that complement the contemporary décor.

In order to ensure versatility and easy installation processes, inside antennas may be installed either horizontally or vertically. They are easier than ever to install. Simply place them in their custom bracket or place them on shelves using built-in kickstands or by using 3M Command strips. Additionally, Home MultiRoom unit features flat window cable too, which enables a drill-free, simple installation.

What is included?

The Home Complete and Home MultiRoom devices come with everything that is necessary for a DIY, easy installation including:

  • Cable mounting clips, cables, and power supply.
  • Custom mounting brackets for boosters and inside panel antennas, along with 3M Command strips.
  • Outside antenna mounting bracket.
  • Fabric-covered inside panel antenna.
  • Outside directional antenna.
  • Booster main unit.

How Do They Work?

The basic concept of how these work is the same as other boosters. Powerful outside antennas reach out to mobile phone towers for receiving signals. Antennas then proceed to transmit these signals to boosters. Boosters receive these outside signals and amplify all frequency bands that they support for all mobile carriers throughout this indoor space via sophisticated onboard software series, low noise filters and amplifiers, along with inside antennas. These devices use stronger signals as calls & data are sent back via these boosters to cellular networks.

Approvals, Certifications, Cost.

The weBoost Home Complete and Home MultiRoom have received pre-approvals from all carriers and necessary certifications from the FCC. These devices are available online at, an authorized weBoost reseller. Mid-power range Home MultiRoom cost is $549.99, whereas the more powerful Home Complete costs $999.99. Assembled and designed in USA. All boosters come with 60-Days money back policy from They include 2-years manufacturers warranty.

To know more, follow the official pages on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Video of weBoost Home Complete by Wilson Electronics:

Video of weBoost Home Multi-Room by Wilson Electronics:

About, Wilson Electronics and weBoost.

Why tolerate inconsistent wireless connectivity when has the solution for you? weBoost, WilsonPro, Wilson Electronics are leading brands in cellular boosters with a mission to deliver wireless network coverage options everywhere. Every booster has been approved by the FCC for amplifying signals for all cell devices from major carriers. They improve cell coverage in commercial buildings, vehicles, and homes. The firm has manufactured and developed cellular phone signal boosters, related components and antennas for over 20 years. It boasts of a highly-extensive portfolio, filled with IP surrounding cellphone booster and repeater architectures. All products from Wilson Electronics have been tested, assembled, and designed in USA.

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  • It’s always fun to see the latest devices for helping you improve your cell phone signal. This article is from 2017 so I’m sure there are plenty of advanced models as the demand for signal boosters seems to grow year by year. Can anyone explain this?

    Gloria Burroughs on
  • People are talking about smart homes and how cool and helpful they are (which I agree). Personally, I’d rather buy a system like WeBoost Multiroom boosters before I spent money on a “smart house.” For me, having a great cell phone signal throughout my home is much better than being able to turn my lights on and off, etc.

    Madelie Jackson on
  • 5000-6500 sq. ft. homes? If you can afford that you can probably afford your own personal messenger service, not to mention a cell phone booster. I wish I could afford one because my humble 800 sq. ft. abode gets a lousy signal come rain or shine. Wish I had some bucks to drop on a new place and a booster to go.

    Kevin Sanderson on
  • I’ve read about older boosters where someone bought a booster just to increase the signal in one part of their home. Personally if I bought a booster, I would want something to cover the entire house, which is why something that says multi-room and home complete sounds good to me.

    Moe Hendrix on
  • Glad I read that part about measuring your signal so you know whether you have a weak signal or average signal because the booster’s range is influenced by the signal. I didn’t know this. Thanks for letting potential buyers know about Wilson’s MultiRoom and Home Complete products and their strengths and weaknesses.

    Jackson Miller on

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