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Videos of weBoost Home Multi-Room (470144) by Wilson Electronics

Aug 27, 2019

Watch video of weBoost Home Multi-Room (470144) by Wilson Electronics:

A look at the Home Multi-Room, a multi-user cell signal booster from weBoost.

Introducing the Home Multi-Room from weBoost. For anyone experiencing dropped calls, slow data speed, or other self-connectivity issues on a specific floor or area in their house, the Home Multi-Room is the multi-user cell signal booster you have been waiting for. With 65 dB max gain, Home Multi-Room boosts wireless network speeds across all carriers, providing homeowners with extended cell coverage for up to three large rooms up to 5,000 square feet depending on the outside signal conditions.


Boasting up to 21 dBm in uplink output power, the Home Multi-Room can reach faraway cell towers at distances as much as 77% farther than its predecessor, the Connect 4G. It also delivers up to 121 percent more coverage area than the Connect 4G because of its equally impressive downlink output power, up to 12 dBM. Plus, the Home Multi-Room is able to prevent overload conditions that would otherwise shut down most other home booster systems when the current outdoor cell signal is too strong. Paired with its exclusive 75 ohm outside directional antenna, the Home Multi-Room pulls in strong cell signal with increased gain to help overcome poor indoor coverage areas or dead zones within your home.

The finger-tightened outdoor antenna clamp is thoughtfully designed for quick easy and exact adjustment when pointing the antenna towards the strongest signal in the vicinity of your house. The clamp also offers a variety of mounting options, from placing it on a standard antenna pole to securing it on the rooftop vent pipe found atop most homes, or mounting the antenna on the side of a house.


With the Home Multi-Room in place, everyone using a smartphone or cellular connected device within its range can enjoy fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, uninterrupted texts, faster data speeds, better streaming, and improved hotspot capability, regardless of which carrier they use. Sprint customers will enjoy enhanced Sprint LTE signal with the Home Multi-Room’s addition of Band 25. More than just a technological breakthrough, the Home Multi-Room benefits from a sleek design aesthetic that stands apart from most residential cell signal boosters. Its high-performance proprietary inside panel antenna is another exclusive to the weBoost home product line. Designed by Wilson engineers and assembled in USA, it is made for easy tool-free installation on any wall, vertically or horizontally, or even tucked away out of view in an attic ceiling.


Using the Home Multi-room's proprietary, user-friendly, custom mounting brackets and the included 3M command strips, placement of the inside antenna couldn't be simpler. With its built-in kickstand feature, shelf for counter placement of the inside antenna is also possible, delivering added versatility. The booster itself combines elements of cast and powder-coated aluminum, giving the Home Multi-Room its distinct look. With donor and server antenna ports up top, cable access and organization are an intuitive part of the Home Multi-Room setup. The booster’s customized wall mount bracket is easily secured using the featured 3M command strips or firmly held in place by two screws, all depending on user preference. With its flat window cable, there's no need to drill holes. Accessing the outside antenna, and connecting it to the booster is just another step in the Home Multi-Room’s tool free installation process.

Installation Video:


When it comes to improving connectivity for all your cellular devices in a specific floor or area of your home, you need a Multi-Room solution; the Home MultiRoom cell phone signal booster kit.

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  • You need to have more videos on your site. There is some excellent information on your site that explains how cell phone boosters work, but pictures and videos help drive home the message you’re trying to make. Please consider going and revamping the articles that don’t have pictures or video. This one on WeBoost’s Home Multi-Room is a good example of how to do things.

    M. Kline on
  • Big promises and I’d like to check them out. However, I don’t know if I want those wires in sight. Yes, the wire seems minimal but it sticks out like a sore thumb to me. If it was in a business, it wouldn’t be a big deal but it looks out of place, even in this model home.

    Tom Willoughby on
  • This video was very informative. The booster’s price isn’t cheap, but for what it does, it looks like a good value for people who might own bigger homes and have problems with cell phone reception due to the distance from towers and the materials the home is made of. One thing though, that opening music is creepy and sounds like something from a horror movie.

    Lee Crockett on
  • I can’t speak for WeBoost’s product, but I know cell phone boosters are becoming more common because people are tired of slow downloads, dropped calls, and all the usual problems you get with weak signals. My personal thoughts are that when you have a household with several rooms and people using cell phones or other devices in every one, you’re going to have problems. That’s where a booster can help. I’m just working on which one to get for a 1000 square foot home.

    Eddie Meltzer on

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