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Videos of weBoost Home Complete (470145) by Wilson Electronics

Aug 27, 2019

Watch video of weBoost Home Complete (470145) by Wilson Electronics below.

weBoost Installed Home Complete (474445) is combination of cell phone booster plus installation offering which includes professional installation after purchase. weBoost Installed contains the same cellular signal booster kit.

The Home Complete from weBoost.

Introducing the Home Complete from weBoost, their most powerful cell signal booster for residential use. The Home Complete offers consumers best-in-class performance. With 72 dB and max gain, Home Complete effortlessly boosts wireless network speeds across all carriers, providing extended cell coverage throughout a large multi-level home, up to 7500 square feet.


Boasting up to 24 dBm in uplink output power, the Home Complete can reach far away cell towers at distances up to 46% farther with almost three times the total coverage area offered by its predecessor, the Connect 4G-X. Equally impressive is its downlink output power at over 12 dBm. For the Home Complete, there is also a significant upgrade from 22 dB to 35 dB in overload dynamic range, all of which works to prevent the overload conditions that would otherwise shut down practically any other home booster system when the current outdoor cell signal is too strong.

Mounting options:

Paired with the proprietary 75 ohm outside directional antenna, exclusively designed by Wilson engineers here in the US, the Home Complete pulls in strong cell signal with increased gain to help overcome poor indoor coverage resulting from blocked signal.

The outdoor antennas clamp is thoughtfully designed for quick, easy adjustment when pointing the antenna towards the strongest signal in the vicinity of your house. The clamp also offers you a variety of mounting options to choose from; from placing it on a standard antenna pole to securing it on the rooftop vent pipe found on top of most homes.


With its substantial power upgrades, the Home Complete is capable of performance previously unheard of, among cell signal boosters for residential consumer use. It thus ensures that everyone using a smartphone or cellular connected device throughout your home can enjoy fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, uninterrupted text, faster data speeds, better streaming, and improved hotspot capability. It works regardless of which carrier they use - Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc. In addition, Sprint customers will enjoy Enhanced Sprint LTE signal with the Home Complete’s addition of Band 25.


Of course, the Home Complete is much more than the sum of its technological innovations. Right away, you will notice its contemporary neutral design aesthetic of its high-performance proprietary inside panel antenna, as well as its practicality. It is easily installed on any wall, vertically or horizontally, or even tucked away in a ceiling. Placement is simple using the Home Complete's user-friendly custom mounting brackets, along with the included 3M command strips. With the antennas built-in kickstand feature, shelf or counter placement is also possible, delivering added versatility.

The booster itself combines elements of anodized and powder-coated aluminium giving the Home Complete its appealing look and feel. With donor and server antenna ports up top, cable access and organization are an intuitive part of the Home Complete installation process. The booster’s customized wall mount bracket is easily secured using the featured 3M command strips or firmly held in place by two screws, all depending on user preference.

Installation Video:


When it comes to connecting all the devices that make a home feel like a home, you need the most advanced home cell signal booster available today; the Home Complete cell phone booster by weBoost.

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  • Thanks for mentioning the antenna pole. I always forget about those when it comes to the exterior antenna, something which has always kept me from getting a signal booster for my home. I have a big backyard so planting an antenna pole isn’t any problem and it’s better than me climbing a ladder. Yes, there are cell phone boosters with no exterior antenna but I want the full power that comes with an exterior antenna.

    Warren Stockdale on
  • Excellent video. I think it’s useful because it shows you everything you get then provides what looks like fairly easy assembly instructions. I like how the booster is fairly nondescript. The outside antenna looks somewhat easy to set up and unless you’re infirm, you shouldn’t have a problem installing it.

    F.D. Morris on
  • This doesn’t make sense to me. I watched this video and saw this cell phone booster for a big residence, but can’t fathom someone dropping a grand to make their cell phone work better. If your phone doesn’t work, just get a better phone. Why pay more money for some gadget that doesn’t work? Waste of money to me.

    J-Dogg on
  • Someone I know has a fairly large house and an equally large cell phone problem. Their home is located somewhere where the cell signals don’t seem very strong. I kept thinking about them getting a cell booster for their home so they didn’t have these problems. I’ll have to send them a link to this advertising broadcast so they can see what boosters can do for them.

    CTJackson on

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