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WilsonPro Signal Boosters On Sale - Lowest Prices Ever!

Sep 02, 2020

WilsonPro Signal Boosters On Sale - Lowest Prices Ever!

WilsonPro signal boosters are on sale for the lowest price, ever. Buy now and save today on lowest cost Wilson Pro cell phone signal boosters available. They enhance cellular reception for all carrier networks simultaneously.

  • Wilson Pro 70 model was $1099.99 but now on clearance sale for $899.99, while supplies last! It can boost up to 15,000 square feet range with strong exterior building signal strength. Area covered will be lower with weaker mobile signals outside.
  • Wilson Pro 70 Plus models with multiple choices of antennas were $1599.99 and now on sale for $1099.99 (plenty in stock). It can improve up to 20,000 sq. footage space with very good outside building signal. Coverage area will be lower if weak signal outside.

Need to know the differences between the two wireless amplifier models? Watch WilsonPro 70 cellular amplifiers comparison video below to see which models within WilsonPro 70 series would be most suitable for your needs:

Both 75 Ohm & 50 Ohm versions available. If buying your first cell phone signal booster kit, pick kit with any impedance. Basically, both types of impedances offer the same amount of Gain, Uplink, and Downlink power. If your house or office building already has audio & video cabling which is always 75 Ohm that you would like to utilize, then a 75 Ohm impedance kit can take advantage of that cabling as well during installation - making its install easier and more efficient. Otherwise, 50 Ohm impedance kit would be best for modern homes and offices.

Browse the rest of the WilsonPro signal boosters including commercial and enterprise grade models.

Deals on refurbished and lightly used kits.

In addition to above specials, we have very low priced WilsonPro refurb. boosters and used WilsonPro boosters.

Are you a dealer or installer?

If you're an installer by profession or a dealer, you can get very low wholesale discount prices on all WilsonPro kits to improve your bottomline! High volume distributor pricing we get allows us to provide reseller discounts across all Wilson Pro models including the latest WilsonPro 4000 series (WilsonPro 4300) and 1000 series (WilsonPro 1300) kits. If you're an installer or dealer, simply create account here and start saving:

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  • You might think signal boosters are a frivolous expense but you can’t say only gives you the basic information when it comes to their products. This site tells you more than you probably want to know about their different products, but the information is there for people who want it.

    Tegan Smart on
  • These WilsonPro Signal Boosters may be out of someone’s price range but I’ve found a variety of good signal boosters from all price ranges. I haven’t purchased a cell booster but I picked up a wi-fi booster last year and it was 1) affordably priced and 2) very useful.

    Cameron Howard on
  • I can’t believe how expensive these are. No way I can afford one.

    Randy Hunt on
  • Do you have any deals on Wilsonpro 4000 – Used or refurb?

    Jim Higgins on
  • You are a SAVIOR! I’ve been looking for deals, and finally, I found one. Saving me $100 is definitely what makes me happy. Thank you so much.

    Morgan M on
  • Everything must go! Haha. It’s always good when there’s some gadget or item you’ve wanted, but the cost is just out of reach; only for things to change. Glad to see some cell boosters on sale. I’ve also seen that a number of them seem to be dropping in price. Good news.

    Li T’ien on
  • If we get that second stimulus check, I’m going to get the Wilson Pro70. Even if I don’t, I’ll probably get one later due to the installment plan. My cell phone coverage is so bad and nothing seems to help (getting a new phone, switching back and forth from airplane mode). It’s my house or something around it. I’m not the only person it happens to so it’s not the phones (Wish I’d figured that out before buying a phone).

    Carol Hutchinson on

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