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Wilson Signal Booster Installation Case Study for a Home in Spring, TX

Jun 29, 2018

Wilson Signal Booster Installation Case Study for a Home in Spring, TX

Location Details.

Owners of a 6,000 square foot home in Spring, Texas, needed a 4G cellular signal inside the house for their work from home business. They had a Wilson Pro cell phone signal booster system installed resulting in a 4G LTE cell phone reception around entire premise.

Major Concern.

The home owners needed quality 4G cell phone signal for quality data and voice connectivity in their 6,000 square foot home. As work from home entrepreneurs, 4G top speeds and quality voice network is of utmost importance. Lack of 4G coverage in the house was due to their home's quality building materials including a Stucco wall and Radiant Barrier insulation encompassing the building.

Radiant barriers are highly reflective and used to ensure radiant heat has been redirected. The radiant barrier was installed on the stucco wall to ensure solar heat is kept out of the home. Radiant barriers are heavily used in warm climates, particularly in American southern climates. However, the combination of a stucco wall and radiant barrier doesn't just block solar heat; it also affects cellular signal and radio waves from penetrating from outside. The result was no 4G coverage inside the 6,000 sq. foot home.


After contacting to resolve the lack of a 4G signal problem in their home, a detailed survey was carried out across the home by our RF technicians. Signal reading was done from outside and inside the home for the most ideal and perfect cellular coverage amplifier to be recommended. The cable routes, as well as the best place for the installation of the new cell phone signal amplifier were also charted.

Due to the size of the home, building materials and other factors identified during the survey, Wilson Pro 70 Plus was proposed with 4 inside antennas. Pro 70 Plus was selected because of its ability to work perfectly in large homes and aptitude to receive some of the strongest cellular signal on the outside without any overload or damage on the amplifier unit. The Wilson cell phone reception amplifier also supports multiple cell carriers and multiple phones simultaneously.


With the Pro 70 Plus, antennas and cable route was identified and installation was carried out deftly around the home. The entire signal amplifier set up process was carefully done to ensure base signal boosting amplifier unit was well installed and in a safe place, including all other peripheral accessories.

The Spring, Texas home from outside.

The Spring, Texas home from outside.

Wilson Pro 70 Plus Signal Booster Installed.

Wilson Pro 70 Plus Signal Booster Installed.

Signal amplifier unit installation and cabling.

Signal amplifier unit installation and cabling.

Exterior Omni Antenna Installed Outside.

Exterior Omni Antenna Installed Outside

Wideband 4-way splitter installed for 4 in-building broadcast antennas.

Wideband 4-way splitter installed for 4 in-building broadcast antennas

FCC ID and IC details of the Wilson Pro 70 Plus installed including model no.

FCC ID and IC details of the Wilson Pro 70 Plus installed including model no.

Wilson Pro Plus cell phone signal amplifier after successful installation.

Base Unit Signal Amplifier Set Up Complete


Once the installation process was complete, the cell phone signal across the home was tested. The home owners started receiving reliable 2-3 bars of 4G LTE signal in all their devices across the building. Usable and highly improved than before, the 4G LTE reliable cell signal could be picked in all rooms. Enhanced voice and data with 4G speeds allowed the owners to connect successfully with the outer world from inside their home enhancing their work from home business.


Are you having similar cellular signal problems in your place of work or office? We can help resolve cell phone signal reception issues in buildings both in Canada and United States. Get in touch with details of main signal problems encountered. The most ideal cellular signal booster system recommendation will be provided after an intensive site survey. The proposal generated will include the installation and equipment needed for quick resolution to cell phone signal shortcomings in your business or home to allow you to enjoy 4G LTE top data and voice connectivity right away.

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  • Yes. I’d say stucco and radiant barriers make a nasty combination when it comes to blocking radio signals. I have seen other stories of people in Texas who have problems getting a strong cell phone signal. I guess the radiant barriers are a big culprit. It’s fascinating because I’ve always wondered what people in places like Texas do to reduce the intense heat they experience.

    Ray Carlyle on
  • This doesn’t look like a house. It looks more like a bunker. I have no doubt these people were having trouble getting a good cell signal because the house probably has layers and layers of materials blocking the signals and who knows how much outdoor structures blocking them too (like trees or other buildings).

    Rudy Coombs on
  • Every time I come over to there’s a story on a home or business in Texas that needs a cell phone booster because the cell phone tower is too far away or there’s something in the building blocking the signal. I understand now why people get a booster in Texas. I’ve seen those packages that include a booster and someone putting it in for you. If you live in Texas, I’d say that’s the way to go because there are so many problems with cell coverage in Texas you need every advantage you can get.

    Ted Clinton on
  • Fred, in regards to your question, “Are cell phone signal boosters for the home any use in bad weather such as electrical storms and/or high winds?” the answer is yes. People buy interior cell phone boosters for their home because they have difficulties staying connected, hearing the person on the other line, downloading data, or all of the above. The reason is because there’s something interfering with the cell phone signal. This could be bad weather, materials in your home, or the distance between your home and the cell phone tower providing you with a signal. A cell phone signal booster will take that signal and increase it (I believe they can boost a signal by up to 32 times). So, if there’s a signal, it’s going to help, regardless of the weather. Now if a lightning strike takes out the cell tower, you’ve got a problem as a cell phone signal booster won’t create a signal out of nothing. That being said, a cell phone signal booster will indeed help you in bad weather.

    Raymond Smalls on
  • Are cell phone signal boosters for the home any use in bad weather such as electrical storms and/or high winds? I know my cell phone tends to drop calls in bad weather and want to know if a booster will do any good.

    Fred Boothe on
  • This sounds like a situation where you would want to hire a cell phone booster installation service. It was intriguing how the home had the radiant barriers. I learned something new today about them and must wonder what other materials weaken or block cell phone signals. It’s good to know who installs cell phone boosters and how much they can help. If you have a home business and you use your cell phone or other mobile device, you need a strong signal. It’s arguably your most important piece of equipment but as we know, it’s useless without a strong signal.

    Pete J. on

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