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Commercial Building Cell Phone Signal Booster Guide

Jun 28, 2018

Commercial Building Cell Phone Signal Booster Guide

Which building cell phone signal booster is best for your large building? If you have got weak cell signal in your big building or large office space, we will discuss top in-building cell signal booster options available to guide you in the right direction. In the video below and the post that follows, we will cover cell boosters that keep you connected in buildings larger than 6000 square feet. To grasp info provided here fully, let us initially go over briefly how they work.

How do building cell phone signal boosters work?

Cellular boosters are the chosen solution for buildings that have a usable cellphone signal outside of the building and weak signals within any building structure. In other words, if there's no signal outside of your building, then a cell phone booster simply has nothing to boost. The stronger signal you have outside of your building, the more coverage a cellular booster can provide for you inside. This is important to understand as we talk about coverage area.

Which in-building cell phone booster is right for you?

All of our large building cell phone boosters work with all North American carriers and all devices, so there's no need to worry about compatibility. Let us get started with cellular phone boosters for mid-size buildings and work our way up to boosters for large and enterprise buildings.

Fusion 5x 2.0 Mid-Sized Building Booster.

Mid-Sized Building Cell Phone Signal Booster

Entry level commercial grade signal booster, Fusion 5x 2.0 is the performance leader for mid-size buildings and offers 16 dB more downlink power than its closest competitor. With Sure IQ technology and automatic gain control built directly into the cell-booster, this booster delivers 24/7 uptime at peak performance. Unlike other signal amplifiers that may require manual adjustments, the Fusion 5x 2.0 system requires little to no maintenance after installation.

Fusion 5x 2.0 is compatible with Surecall sentry remote monitoring system which offers installers and building owners an ability to monitor and adjust the system from anywhere, anytime via desktop interface or the mobile app.

Force 5 2.0 Large Building Booster.

Large Building Cell Phone Signal Booster

Award-winning Force 5 2.0 is a leading solution for large and industrial buildings and with strong outside signal. With a configuration of multiple Force5 2.0 boosters and antennas, it can be scaled up to cover a max area of about 500,000 square feet. The Force 5 2.0 features automatic gain control which automatically adjusts and maintains the cellular amplifier's operations at peak performance.

The Force5 2.0 also comes with manual adjustments on its face so you can override the AGC and make manual adjustments to the booster to cover more area or tweak the system. The Force-5 2.0 also has Surecall's remote monitoring software built directly into the cell amplifier unit. The remote monitoring software will monitor the booster and send you email alerts if a problem arises. It also allows you to remotely log into the signal boosting system and make adjustments to the system, saving you time and money.

The Force 5 2.0 is a common solution for large and enterprise buildings like restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, large offices, parking structures and plenty more.

Guardian 3 QR Public Safety booster

Public Safety Building Signal Booster

Guardian 3 QR Public Safety booster does not boost cell signal but instead improves Public Safety frequencies for first responders. Guardian 3QR supports the 700, 800 and 900 megahertz SMR frequencies for large and enterprise buildings. SureCall Guardian 3QR meets requirements of Chapter 24 emergency communication system of NFPA 72. It is constructed with a NEMA 4-rated amplifier housing. This means it doesn't need any additional enclosure to be approved by local city fire inspectors.

Like Force5 2.0, this booster also comes with Surecall's sentry monitoring software directly built into the booster. Like all boosters mentioned in above video, it also uses automatic gain control to adjust for top performance.


Above listed are commercial grade mobile phone signal boosters Surecall makes for large buildings. Commercial building cell phone signal boosters require professional system design and installation by certified installers so please contact us for a free system design and an installation quotation.

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  • There are a multitude of options when it comes to getting cell phone boosters for a commercial building. Then again, there are quite a lot for residential buildings and vehicles too. It might seem overwhelming but the good news is that there are lots of good blogs here that explain what they do.

    Thomas Beeler on
  • Who has the best booster for an average building that receives only 1 to 2 bars on the first level?
    How much does a good booster cost that will work properly and allow multiple cell phone access?
    Thank you.
    S. Pal

    Mr. S. Pal on
  • I wouldn’t want to work in a big building where you can’t get a good signal for your cell phone or other device which relies on a cell phone signal. I’ve read cell phone signal booster reviews because I wanted to know whether cell phone boosters do work or they don’t work. They seem to be reliable, but I’ve also learned there are differences between mobile phone signal boosters for homes and ones for commercial buildings. It’s a difference you’ll want to take note of so you don’t buy the wrong one.

    Randall Cranston on
  • It was good to watch this video because I wasn’t sure what the specifics were for cell phone boosters when it comes to public safety signal boosters. Now I know these public safety boosters enhance the communication bands used by first responders (as opposed to cell phone signals in general). Now it’s time to look at some reviews for cell phone signal boosters for cars. That’s the area I need some help with.

    Victor Darwin on
  • People who own a business and need an interior cell phone signal booster have a lot to choose from, but they’re not all the same. Find something that matches your company’s unique needs for a cell phone booster for large buildings. Make sure you have the best commercial cell phone booster and the best installation service so you don’t worry about having to have equipment reinstalled because it wasn’t done properly. A good installation service will help you plan everything out including a survey of your building for maximum results from your cell phone booster.

    Marc Edison on
  • From what I’ve seen, cell signal boosters have been around for longer than most people realize. They sound helpful as we’ve all experienced dropped calls and/or reception that sounds like something coming from the ocean floor. Cell phone boosters increase your signal so you get the call quality and reliability you expect (and that you’re supposed to have). Just guessing, I think the fact that there are industrial cell phone boosters and cell phone signal boosters for large buildings tells you that businesses recognize their effectiveness. As more people use devices for communication, it seems like common sense to make sure they work for your employees in your office or industrial plant. Landlines haven’t disappeared, but mobile devices can do so much more, and people aren’t stuck at their desks waiting for calls. None of this is good though if the devices can’t get a strong signal which is where these cell phone boosters come in. Thanks for providing people with information here such as commercial cell phone booster reviews. I imagine there are many to choose from.

    Tony Selleck on

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