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BYOD Movement Driving the Need for Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Jun 26, 2018

BYOD Movement Driving the Need for Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Have you realized you need a cell phone signal booster to be more productive when working remotely? You are not alone. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement has its Pros and Cons. However, the drawback of inability to connect wirelessly using your mobile device can be fixed with a cell phone signal booster. Over the past few years there's been a huge demand for employees to bring their own personal devices to their workplace. Not only are employees more comfortable using their own devices, they are also quite happy to pay the costs of upgrades, maintenance, and liability. Benefits of the BYOD movement include reduced equipment costs, happier employees, a reduction in office space because employees can now work off-site, and less burden on IT staff because employees are now supporting and maintaining their own equipment.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) security solutions are now being put in place to allow employees to use their own personal devices in their workplace, but with minimal risk to the organization. By developing MDM security, employees are now able to use their own mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, using their employers cellular and Wi-Fi network. With employees’ mobile devices becoming more critical to organizations, it is become imperative that IT not only manage these devices, but controls them when there are problems. An MDM security solution gives IT permission to remotely administer these devices.

Many employees travel a lot and use their devices in remote locations, so security can be of great concern. Should a device be misplaced or stolen, the security implications can be very serious. However, having an MDM software solution in place means that administrators can separate corporate data from the user’s personal information. In this way sensitive corporate information can be encrypted. Should the user leave the organization, or if a device is stolen, corporate data can be removed remotely without affecting any personal information. Organizations are able to maintain application control by using MDM software, which allows the monitoring of application licenses and maintains software compliance.


Cell phone signal boosters help employees be more productive by keeping their devices connected using secure mobile internet whether traveling in their vehicle or working from home, and elsewhere. Try our signal booster product selection tool to help you find the most suitable signal booster for your needs.

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  • The “bring your own device” movement doesn’t sound like it has many benefits for employees, despite what this article claims. Where is the benefit if employees have to pay for the upgrades and other costs? I wouldn’t be surprised if employers try making employees pay for the cost of things like cell phone signal boosters for the “privilege” of bringing their own devices.

    Randi Dayton on
  • Lawrence asks, “This looks like a good idea but wouldn’t an employer have to buy cell phone signal boosters for all the carriers in their market (such as Verizon, Cricket, etc.)?”
    My Answer: The beauty of cell phone boosters is that they’re made to work with all carriers. So if you’re in the U.S. and have a cell phone booster, you’re going to have a device that boosts signals for all cell phone carriers in the U.S. An employer with an interior cell phone signal booster doesn’t need to buy multiple cell phone boosters so their employees’ mobile devices work at optimum levels. It’s a smart way for any company, whether they have a BYOD policy or just want to ensure strong signals for people using cell phones in their office.

    Cary Mulligan on
  • This looks like a good idea but wouldn’t an employer have to buy cell phone signal boosters for all the carriers in their market (such as Verizon, Cricket, etc.)? I’d think this would be expensive and time-consuming.

    Lawrence Ingalls on
  • I was looking for someplace with cell phone signal booster reviews and came across this article. I didn’t know there is a BYOD movement, but it makes sense. Like any business development, there will be byod advantages and disadvantages and concerns about things such as byod security and a byod policy in schools. If a workplace does permit the bring your own device policy, you should have a cell phone signal booster, so your device works at maximum capacity. What’s the point of bringing your device to work if the cell phone signal inside is weak and you have trouble staying connected or hearing the person on the other line?

    Brad Turner on

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