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T-Mobile 600 MHz Band 71 5G Signal Boosters In Stock!

T-Mobile band 71 covers the range of 617 to 698 MHz. It is a paired band so 617 to 652 MHz is for towers to transmit to cellular devices (a. k. a. downlink), while 663 - 698 MHz is for cell devices to transmit to towers (a. k. a. uplink). T-Mobile 600 MHz Band 71 5G Signal Boosters are listed below. In addition to SureCall Force8, Nextivity Cel-Fi 4000i, we also carry and sell WilsonPro 710i. It also boosts T-Mobile's New 600MHz Band71 5-G network frequency signals.

Please contact us to buy WilsonPro Pro 710i. Professional installation by certified installers required. T-Mobile's pre-approval required prior to installation. If you're a certified professional installer or dealer, please register at in order to be able to purchase it and download pre-approval agreement you can send to T-Mobile for approval. If you're an end-user, please request professional installation service by providing location and other details requested.