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T-Mobile 600 MHz Band 71 5G Signal Boosters In Stock!

T-Mobile band 71 covers the range of 617 to 698 MHz. It is a paired band so 617 to 652 MHz is for towers to transmit to cellular devices (a. k. a. downlink), while 663 - 698 MHz is for cell devices to transmit to towers (a. k. a. uplink). T-Mobile 600 MHz Band 71 5G Signal Boosters are listed below. In addition to SureCall Force8, Nextivity Cel-Fi 4000i, we also carry and sell WilsonPro 710i that is not listed below. It also boosts T-Mobile's New 600MHz Band71 5-G network frequency signals.

Please contact us to buy WilsonPro Pro 710i, because we have it in stock but it must be ordered order the phone. Professional installation by certified installers required. T-Mobile's pre-approval required prior to installation. If you're a certified professional installer or dealer, please register at in order to be able to purchase it and download pre-approval agreement you can sent to T-Mobile for approval. If you're an end-user, please request professional installation service by providing location and other details requested.