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Channel Filters For Cell Phone Signal Boosters / Amplifiers

Installed a cell phone signal booster system but reception still no better than before? A cellular amplifier boosts all signals that reaches it - even if it is from another carrier whose service you do not use! A channelized filter is a powerful tool to fine-tune cell phone signal booster systems for optimum performance when weak wireless signal is due to inter-cell interference whereby your carrier's relevant cell tower signals are blocked due to other carrier's irrelevant cell tower signals in between. Professional installers employ such filters to attenuate incoming non-essential wireless signals carried on the specific Band 5, Channel A or B. This allows essential signals on other channels to be amplified at full strength. Channel Filters help Block Band 5 Channel A or B for 75 Ohm or 50 Ohm cell phone booster kits. Depending on which impedance system is being used, they are available with type "F" or Type "N" Connector to fit 75Ohm or 50Ohm cellular amplifying systems, respectively. In simple terms, they work as a filter for cell phone frequency. If you need professional installation, please request our cell phone signal booster installation service.