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Industrial Signal Boosters: Freqently Asked Questions.

The term "industrial signal booster" encompasses a wide range of devices designed for installation by professional installers or FCC licensees. These devices have been designed specifically to simultaneously serve multiple users over larger areas, such as hospitals, airports, stadiums, office buildings, tunnels, and educational facilities.

Are There Additional Regulatory Requirements on Industrial Signal Boosters under the New Regulations?

The new regulations for industrial signal boosters require that the equipment has proper labelling. Note that warning labels may look different to the sample label below. However, the same information must be included on the label (FCC 13-21, see Paragraphs 115, 123).

Industrial Signal Booster Notice Label

What Should I Do If an Industrial Signal Booster Was Installed in My Building Prior to the New Regulations, and I Didn't Receive Consent from the FCC Licensee?

You need to contact the FCC licensee (wireless provider offering service to your area) and obtain written consent. It is important to note that there's no obligation on the part of the FCC licensee to consent to the use of any existing signal booster on its network.

Who Are Qualified Installers?

Under FCC rules, there're no specific installer certification requirements. The FCC believes that members of the wireless industry are in the best position to determine appropriate qualifications for technical personnel, so they leave it up to the wireless industry to develop standards for certification programs, as needed (FCC 13-21, see Paragraph 116). Many products carry the manufacturer's certification.


Please note that information provided within these Frequently Asked Questions does not purport to be legal advice. It is provided for informational purposes only. As FCC regulations have not yet been implemented, the above information is not a substitute for the actual regulations which may be subject to change. Every effort has been made to ensure the correctness, accuracy, and suitability of these Frequently Asked Questions. However, we specifically disclaim any responsibility for omissions and errors or damage or loss of any kind which may occur as a result of this information.

The following are few of our most popular industrial cell phone signal boosters:

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