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Smooth Talker M2M Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Stealth M2M Machine to Machine direct connect cellular signal boosters by Smooth Talker increase cellular modem data speeds to maintain constant connectivity. The Stealth M2M X6 15 dB 4G LTE 6-Band Direct Connect Booster is one of the most powerful booster in the M2M category on the market. It boosts 4G LTE and 3G signals by connecting directly to cellular data devices like cellular modems, cellular trackers and monitors. All of these boosters are plug and play and do not require maintenance as they are self-regulating. It can connect up to 60 km or 35 miles from the nearest cellular tower. It comes with a rugged cast aluminium housing which ensures reliability. All amplifier kits are complete kits (no other parts required for a complete installation). All signal amplifiers have been Industry Canada IC ISED Approved, and FCC Certified.