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SureCall Guardian Class A and Class B Public Safety BDA / Signal Boosters

SureCall GuardianA Class A and SureCall Guardian4 Class B public safety bands signal boosters help close gaps in Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC) inside buildings. An Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Solution or System (ERRCS) is required per local jurisdiction regulations to provide seamless coverage - especially in critical building areas such as stairwell over staircase, and exit corridors. A signal booster is deemed to be a Class A signal booster if none of its passbands exceed 75 kHz. It is deemed to be a Class B, if it has a passband that exceeds 75 kHz. Please contact us for a quote if you require professional public safety BDA installation service of SureCall Guardian-A Class-A and Guardian-4 Class B public safety bands bi-directional amplifiers (BDA), annual re-certification or assistance with consent and approval process of active and passive Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).