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WiFi Point to Point Bridge Link Connection Extender Signal Booster

WiFi Point to Point Bridge Link Connection Extender Signal Booster

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WiFi Point to Point Bridge Link Connection Extender Signal Booster Kit
If needed, mounting poles avail.: Choose Vertical Pole or J-Mount Pole.

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Product Description

Wi-Fi Plug and Play Wireless Ethernet Bridge kit in a box is a pre-paired PTP (Point-to-Point) link consisting of two WiFi Extenders like the product image shown. This outdoor long range point to point wireless ethernet bridge is a DIY point to point wireless connectivity between two sites. Both wi-fi amplifying antennas are identical in appearance and designed to extend WiFi network on 5 GHz frequency between two locations up to 10 miles apart!

This wifi signal booster, amplifier, repeater and extender kit based on ePMP technology contains everything needed to set-up installation. Review wifi bridge radio user guide. Need help with installation? Professional installation available by our certified installers, if required - especially for installing this wifi PTP system outdoors.

With its tremendous wi-fi coverage expansion range, it is specifically designed to be used outdoor but can technically be used to boost wi-fi signals indoors when pointed to each other with walls in between multiple rooms. Indoors, wifi reception would penetrate through wooden walls and drywall, but would be diffficult to pass through concrete walls.

This Wi-Fi Point to Point Bridge Link Connection Extender Kit solution can be installed by your team or our professional installers nationwide across USA to:

  • Extend a local wireless network or wifi hotspot to a remotely located building.
  • Extend your Wi-Fi 5 GHz connection link or hot-spot to a new desired location.
  • Provide a time-saving and cost-effective solution to backhauling CCTV networks.
  • Support any application requiring wireless network extension to boost, extend, and strengthen connectivity.

Wifi Signal Enhancer Kit Contains Following:

  • Two Complete Pre-Configured Radios for Wifi 5 GHz Range Expansion & Extention (Quantity Two).
  • Wifi signal amplifier POE Power Supplies for Both Wi-Fi Antennas.
  • Pole/ Mast Mounting Brackets to Mount Both WiFi Antennae.

Wifi Booster Kit Highlights:

  • High Power Industrial Grade Wi-fi Signal Booster Wireless Ethernet Bridge Kit.
  • Up to Ten Miles of Range Between Two Pre-Configured Radio Units on 5 GHz Frequency.
  • Up to 200 Mbps Throughput Speed Capacity/ Capability by this industrial grade wi-fi signal amplifier.
  • Flexible Channel Width: 5, 10, 20, 40 MHz channels.
  • Top notch wireless data security: AES128 data encryption and RADIUS-based authentication.
  • Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge has full 1 Watt Output Power.

Line of Sight Range of Outdoor Wi Fi Point to Point Bridge Link Connection Extender Kit:

Line of Sight Range of Outdoor Wi Fi Point to Point Bridge Link Connection Extender Kit

Expected performance shown above based on Line of Sight (LOS) between the two units. Trees, buildings, and other obstructions will result in lower range and performance. Due to laws of physics, thoroughput (amount and speed of wireless data transfer) decreases as the distance increases between the two point to point wifi modules/antennas (one that projects or transmits and one that receives wifi signals).

These PTPoint wifi 5G frequency module boxes are the next generation Integrated Radios offering a high-gain, integrated 16 dBi patch antennas. Installation and alignment are very easy with adjustable mounting bracket. Each Point2P wifi antenna is small, sleek, and equipped with Gigabit Ethernet port to deliver maximum throughput speeds.

General Specifications:

Feature Specification
Wireless Standard ePTP proprietary protocol. A.K.A. P2P WiFi (Point to Point Wi-Fi). Point to Point (P-2-P) wifi bridge supports longer ranges, lower latency, and greater performance. Optional Standard Point to Point (P 2 P) Wi-Fi booster mode of operation available.
Wired Interface Gigabit / Fast Ethernet
Functions Traffic prioritization using ePMP QoS (Quality of Service), WEP security.
Power 24-56V PoE at device
Radio Transmit Power Up to 30 dBm (1 W)
Environmental Outdoor IP55 -4 to 131 deg F (-20 to +55 deg C)
Antenna 16 dBi integrated antenna
Mounting Flexible pole mount. Supports diameters from 1-3 inches (2.5 – 7.5 cm)
Security AES128 data encryption and RADIUS-based authentication


Spectrum Specifications:

Feature Specification
Frequency Range 4910 – 5970 MHz
Channel Spacing Configurable on 5 MHz increments
Frequency Range 5 GHz: 4910 – 5970 MHz (exact frequencies as allowed by local regulations)
Channel Width 5 | 10 | 20 | 40 MHz
Physical Layer 2x2 MIMO/OFDM
Ethernet Interface 10/100/1000BaseT, Compatible with Cambium PoE pinouts (V+ = 7 & 8, Return = 4 & 5) and Standard PoE pinouts (V+ = 4 & 5, Return = 7 & 8). C058900B072A | 646444255103
Protocols Used IPv4, UDP, TCP, IP, ICMP, SNMPv2c, HTTPs, STP, SSH, IGMP Snooping
Network Management HTTPs, SNMPv2c, SSH
VLAN 802.1Q with 802.1p priority


Performance Specifications:

Feature Specification
Nominal Receive Sensitivity (w/FEC) @20MHz Channel MCS0 = -93 dBm to MCS15 = -72 dBm (per branch)
Nominal Receive Sensitivity (w/FEC) @40MHz Channel MCS0 = -90 dBm to MCS15 = -69 dBm (per branch)
Quality of Service Three level priority (Voice, High, Low) with packet classification by DSCP, COS, VLAN ID, IP & MAC Address, Broadcast, Multicast and Station Priority


Physical Specifications:

Feature Specification
Transmit Power Range -17 to +30 dBm (combined, to regional EIRP limit) (1 dB interval)
Surge Suppression 2 Joule Integrated
Weight 0.50 kg (1.1 lb.) (includes mounting bracket)
Wind Survival 145 km/hour (90 mi/hour) with antenna
Dimensions (h x w x d) 12.4 x 25.1 x 11.9 cm (4.9 x 9.9 x 4.7 in) – with mounting bracket attached
Pole Diameter Range 1 – 1.6 in (2.5 – 4.1 cm) with included clamp ; up to 2.25 in (5.7 cm) with larger clamp
Power Consumption 10 W Maximum, 5 W Typical
Input Voltage 10 to 30 V


WiFi Point to Point Bridge Installation Guide & Set-up:

WiFi Bridge Installation Step 1 and 2
WiFi Bridge Installation Step 3


P2P WiFi Bridge Installation Step 4

P 2 P WiFi Bridge Installation Step 5

P-2-P WiFi Bridge Installation Done!


Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers


Ask a Question
  • Looking for a TRUE 5-6 mile capable antenna to pull in internet from our town 5 air miles away. Couple trees in line of sight but antenna will be on a hill tower 450 feet higher than the town. Anything available for actually grabbing a signal that far?

    This referenced product can transmit over long distances like that but a unit needs to be installed at the point of signal source. We do not know of any device that can simply capture signal from that far away without posting a transmitter at the source signal. If you do find one, and it works, please let us know. Thank you.

  • Question re: the size of the radio beam making the connection. I can create a line of sight corridor in a stand of the trees. The space would allow the two antennae to "see" each other without obstruction and without branches that would wave into the space. The distance is 250 feet. Is this sufficient?

    Yes, that should suffice, based on info you have provided and we perceive to be the case.

  • Do these get affected by weather or humidity? If so, how severe is the signal loss? I would only have them at 200-250 feet away from each other.

    Yes, the wireless connection will be affected by rain, snow, etc. up to 40% depending on the density or amount of saturation between the two points. Fortunately, the weather will not affect much for your intended purpose because the distance you need wireless connection over is comparatively very small.

  • I’m interested in extending my WiFi to our shop around 300 feet away. I looked at the WiFi PTP bridge link connection extender signal booster. Is this all I would need to order? Meaning is everything included in this package to get this done?

    Yes, that is right. Everything needed is included.

  • Can this system be modified/upgraded/augmented to support point to multi-point wireless internet? What does that do to internet speeds?

    Yes, you can configure this kit to use as PMP. However, you will need to configure the driver mode as "TDD" on both sides. Instructions provided at link here in Q & A response: (may not show in email response brief you receive)

    Instructions show the basic configuration required to form a link between the AP and multiple SMs.

    These radios are capable of providing the throughput of 200 Mbps which totally depends on the channel bandwidth, distance and number of SMs connected to the AP. While ePMP Radios can deliver maximum up to 200 Mbps, please note that Internet transmission will be distributed among all the clients connected to the AP causing speed degradation based on link condition, distance etc. and therefore Internet speed cannot be predicted with any accuracy. In most cases, the reduction is negligible if eliminating/discounting all external topographical factors.

  • Is any wireless license or wireless registration required to operate this wifi projecting system from one building to another?

    No license needed and no registration required to use this unlicensed wifi point to point (P2P) projection system.

  • What cables do I have to supply to complete the installation?

    For the building that has wifi network, you only need an ethernet cable to connect to the router (however long needed to reach your wifi source modem or router).

    For the building receiving the wifi network, a cable is needed to connect to the POE switch (included) or to any other power source to power it up using any other way you can, to provide power to antenna.

    A POE switch is a network switch that has Power over Ethernet injection built-in. Simply connect this network device to the switch included which will detect it is POE-compatible and enable power automatically.

    POE Power Supplies for Both Wi-Fi Antennas are included with this purchase.

  • Is there a 2.4 Ghz version available?

    Sorry, we do not have this in 2.4 Ghz frequency version. It only supports frequency range between 4910 - 5970 MHz. We recommend using 2.4 GHz Dish Antenna which supports 2.4 GHz frequency but since it is not a wifi bridge kit, you will need to purchase 2 units and configure one as Access Point and the other as a Subscriber Module. Please feel free to reach out to us for any configuration assistance.

  • Looks like the radio module only comes in one color; white. Can it be painted and is there a certain product it should be painted with?

    Yes, they can be painted but: A) The paint must not contain any metal or metallic flakes. B) It will void the manufacturer warranty unless that paint can be removed completely if it ever needs to be sent for repair under its warranty within its warranty period. Learn more:

  • I have purchased this product. I'm extending my house wifi to another building about 100 yards away. The house antenna will be connected to the router. What is needed in the remote building? Just a regular Access Point to provide wifi in the remote building?

    That is correct.

  • Do these P2P bridges support 802.1Q, for vlans?

    Yes, it will support 802.1Q.

Data Sheet / User Guide

User Guide

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Note: For any signal booster to help, outside signal strength must be at least -110 dB or there must be a clear line of sight to a cell tower that is within twenty miles. Before ordering, please check outside signal level in decibels or ensure that you can make and hold a phone call at any good spot outside where you can mount an exterior antenna. Square footage stated in signal booster listings is based on good signal outside. If it is any weaker, the boosted sq. ft. area will be considerably lower, accordingly.

Kevin K. of Anderson, California gave the following review:

Website is easy to use with plain straight forward info but could have had more on testing signal strength to make sure you get a strong enough booster.

Therefore, please note that stated sq. ft. coverage is based on good signal outside. For best results: If outside signal is weak, we suggest choosing the next higher sq. ft. coverage kit. If outside signal is very weak, we suggest choosing the kit with even more higher sq. ft. range bracket. Basically, higher the sq. ft. bracket, the more powerful the signal amplifier with greater Gain as well as higher uplink and downlink output power.

If outside signal is too weak (weaker than -110 dB), submit request for cell coverage solution assessment. Upon receipt of questionnaire, we will perform residential or business site survey. This will help us determine the system that is needed to improve cell coverage. Then, we will create system design using that system such as femtocell, active or hybrid distributed antenna system (DAS), or other carrier feed signal enhancing method available that will work at your signal-challenged location. Finally, we will schedule for installation after equipment and installation service quote has been approved by you, or your company.

For non installation-included kits: Most home / office / building cell signal booster kits only include bracket to mount exterior antenna on outside wall, edge of roof, or existing pipe up to 2 inches in diameter. Mounting pole not included with most kits, unless stated specifically that it is included for free. Therefore, a mounting post must be purchased separately if you will require it to mount exterior antenna.

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