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In-Building DAS Design, Integration & Installation Service

Looking for in-building DAS designer, integrator / installer? In today's competitive environment you would expect price to be the determining factor in choosing a company to resolve your connectivity issues. To a certain degree, that is what consumers look for. However, price is just one factor. In most cases, it is not the most important factor. It all comes down to capability, expertise, cost efficiency and customer service. With you get all of these, because our prices are right and the rest is second-to-none. Take a look at our online reviews and you will see how happy our customers are with both the products they purchase, and the service we offer - both before and after their purchase. specializes in in-building wireless coverage solutions (IBW Coverage Solutions). Offer us an opportunity to serve you, and we will give you more than you expect. If you're considering a D.A.S. cellular connectivity solution for your building, you're at the right place. Perhaps you would like more information about a Distributed Antenna System? Whatever your query, we're here to answer all your questions and to ensure you get the right information to resolve your connectivity issues.

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We Have Experience with the Most Discerning Clients.

We have been consistently servicing a high volume of in-building cellular issues since many years when connectivity solutions were first developed. Our clients range from small companies in a single office to large corporations in Class A high-rises within major metropolitan areas. Larger companies include one of the largest realestate & office space rental companies that house high-profile tenants. In addition to certified training, our DAS installers have gained valuable experience from such varied projects that has made us very sensitive to noise and security concerns during installation including the fact that hardware should be hidden as much as humanly possible. This extensive experience has also allowed us to streamline our processes so that your connectivity solution delivers value immediately upon deployment.

We Provide Complete Solutions.

When you do your online research you will notice that other alternative solution providers and DAS integrators have their specific specialties, like engineering or project management. However, is a one-stop shop for DAS connectivity solutions because we do it all, and we do it really well. From the very beginning of your interaction with us, you will be working with a team who's extremely professional and qualified at handling every step of your project. Beginning with DAS design service, right through integrating DAS installation within your existing architecture, and ongoing after-sales service and maintenance - we provide turnkey wall to wall wireless coverage solutions. It is important to note that the experts at will take care of all communication, planning, and coordination with all project stakeholders.

We Ensure Your Design Supports LEED-Certification Goals.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. As the world's most commonly used green building rating system, it has become recognized worldwide as an achievement of sustainability. If you're planning on building a LEED-certified building, or if your building is already LEED-certified, have a discussion with us at about ensuring communication connectivity is part of the building process.

An in-building communications connectivity solution will be required for a LEED-certified building because low emissivity windows block outside cell signals, and these windows are typically used in buildings that are LEED-certified. has extensive experience in designing connectivity solutions for this specific problem, and we will ensure that you meet your green goals whilst staying within budget.

We Are Dedicated to Mutual Satisfaction.

It simply makes good business sense to provide connectivity solutions that satisfy all parties including building owners, cell phone users, and mobile network carriers. In order to do that, our processes are completely transparent and we always ensure lines of communication are open with all parties. We maintain good relationships with all carriers and endeavor to not only meet their requirements, but also the requirements of building personnel and tenants. If you have a question, we're here to answer any query you may have to the best of our ability. It is in everyone's interest to ensure that you, our valued customer, achieves the connectivity results you require, so customer service is of utmost importance to all our personnel.

Upfront Carrier Participation and Funding.

You have probably noticed that other solution providers secure carrier participation after installation has occurred, which means that the technology can sit unused for months or even years, until such time as a carrier comes on board. That is not how we operate at We ensure that all problems are solved early by working upfront to secure funding and carrier participation. This way your communications solution will provide coverage immediately upon installation. Please contact us to confirm we can get the Carrier on board because they contribute funds only for large projects.

Certifications. has the following certifications:

  • iBwave Design-Certified.
  • For T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon Wireless, is the highest volume by number of projects third-party integrator in the Class A, B, and C office segments of in-building connectivity solutions.


At, we specialize in improving and strengthening wireless coverage for everyone.

As industry leaders, we provide the services and equipment our customers need, regardless of whether you're a small business, residential household, or an enterprise customer.

We provide passive components, antennas, small cells, distributed antenna systems, and repeaters to facilitate the creation of the perfect signal boosting system to suit your needs. Regardless of your current provider or the location, shape, and size of your building, we have the knowledge and equipment necessary to create reliable, strengthened connectivity where you need it most.

We're proud of our commitment to customer service and our ability to design the perfect solution to suit the needs of any customer. Our scalable solutions have already proven effective for customers big and small, including wireless service providers, neutral host operators, public safety entities, system integrators, and other leading enterprises.

By designing and providing modular wireless coverage systems, we create solutions that are low-cost, scalable, and ultimately flexible, ensuring that our customers only ever pay for what they need. Our carefully created vertical supply chain allows us to offer ultimate reliability and impressively short lead times to the industry as a whole, in our provision of passive components, antennas, repeaters, and DAS (distributed antenna systems).

Why not contact us today and let us talk about your cell connectivity concerns - We may have the perfect DAS solution for you.

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