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Difference between cell "signal strength" and "signal quality".

What is the difference between Strength and Quality of a Cell Phone Signal?

"Signal strength" is how strong the signal you're receiving is, and it is measured in dBm. The closer your cell device is to the cellular tower transmitter, the more signal your cell phone or Mi-Fi antenna will pick up. The farther away from the tower your cellphone or MiFi is, the more your signal level will drop and you may need a signal booster kit to compensate.

On other hand, "signal quality" is measured how noisy a band is. In essence, "signal quality" is like how much water there is (voice and data transmission capability), versus how many waves are in the water (noise that disrupts, distorts, or alters the core transmission). Quality is how much interference there is between the cell tower and your cellular device. It is how good the signal is that you receive or how good it will keep during rainy, snowy, or stormy conditions. All signals hold reflections, ghosting, or interference that we call "noise". Noise is what causes cell phone voice calls to not sound realistic as they do in real life. The noise is considered to be low if the quality is high or good.

A cell phone signal booster will boost everything. It will boost the strength of the receiving signals including amplification of the noise, interference and the bad quality. Overall, it works well because majority of transmissions consist of voice transmissions and Internet data so it boosts all of that along with minor amount of noise that exists within the signal arriving from the mobile carrier's cell tower.