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Do magnetic antennas work on aluminum or fiberglass?

No, but there are various options that can be used instead. Few of the following solutions will resolve the problem of magnet mount antennas not adhering to non-magnet attracting surfaces such as aluminum and fiberglass.

  1. The best option is to use double sided tape on the magnet antenna to attach it to the vehicle.
  2. Create a grounding plane and mount it on the vehicle or RV. Use a piece of ferrous metal about 4” in diameter and a double sided adhesive.
  3. Use an antenna such as the 4g Trucker mount antennas (304415 or 304414) with a built in grounding plane. These antennas are mounted on a bracket attached to your vehicle.
  4. Use a Screw-On/ Drill-In/ NMO Type antenna.

We recommend that you do a soft install first to make sure that the cell phone signal booster works properly for the application.