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HiBoost Installer, Reseller, Supplier & Dealer

HiBoost Installers & Resellers

Are you a HiBoost installer, reseller, or dealer and looking for better HiBoost wholesale pricing on cell phone signal boosters? Consider becoming our Preferred HiBoost Partner (PHP). Being a master HiBoost reseller and wholesaler, our aggressive volume pricing will help improve your bottomline.

Please create a dealer account and contact us to inform us that you have created an account and wish to purchase in large volume at wholesale prices to get HiBoost reseller/ installer pricing for equipment and installations. Please provide item names or part #'s and their quantities you plan to purchase within your first order.

We will verify your eligibility and associate your account with correct tier wholesale HiBoost dealer/ reseller pricing rates. We buy in extremely large volumes from HiBoost company based in Irving, TX and give you the lowest rates possible, so you don't have to buy in such large volumes to get the discount you deserve.

HiBoost Installers & Resellers save money based on total lifetime volume.

Using your log in credentials, you can take advantage of discounted wholesale prices on all future purchases of HiBoost cell phone signal boosting products we carry at this website.

Being a distributor in USA & Canada selling to dealers and resellers, we can provide deep discount pricing that even the manufacturers cannot offer to buyers not buying in such large volumes.

Please note that shipping costs may apply (we will apprise you in those rare instances). However, please be assured that the prices would be the lowest possible, providing you lowest cost to help your business.

We offer HiBoost cell phone amp sales and look forward to supplying you with what you need, and becoming your long-term HiBoost supplier.

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