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How To Fix Cell Signal Coverage Problem In Hospital?

Great cell signal throughout Hospital at 75% less cost than other solution.

With WilsonPro signal booster system, the lack of cellular signal coverage problem in hospital building was fixed successfully at 75% lower cost than an active DAS solution. Case study PDF file should display above showing more details about the project. If it does not appear at first, please reload this page to make sure that it loads. If it does not appear due to technical problem, please visit Wilson Pro category collection page for more details.

If you're not a certified Wilson Pro integrator or installer, we offer installation service locally and nationally by experienced installers to help install it professionally in large buildings such as hospitals and healthcare centers.

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Or submit request for Wilson Pro Installation Service for quote to have it installed by highly qualified and experienced Wilson Pro integrators.

Video Showing Live Demo Of WilsonPro Wireless Booster System:

Wilson Pro Value Proposition For Hospitals:

Common Pain Points Value Proposition
Expectation of top-tier clinicians to have uninterrupted cellular connectivity. Connect doctors with patients and staff (as well as their own families) at critical times.
Potential revenue loss degraded reputation based on low patient satisfaction scores. Increase potential reimbursement rates through improved patient satisfaction scores.
Delayed response time to crisis situations or emergencies on-site. Ensure better response time to any crisis situations or emergencies that occur on-site.
Inability to call or send and receive messages at patient's bedside. Keep families and friends close to patients while still connected with the outside world.
Increased costs of network bandwidth for handling cell traffic growth. Reduce costs of the network infrastructure required to keep up with growing call volume.
We don't have cellular connectivity problems. Typically in a hospital environment, we find most doctors aren't able to be contacted by their staff or patience when on-site in a hospital. Who would your doctors complain about that today? These inconveniences and loss of productivity is sometimes not accounted for, due to lack of awareness of such occurences.

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