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How To Fix Cell Signal Problem In University or College?

Flawless wireless connectivity achieved for a fraction of the price of competing booster solutions.

With Wilson Pro commercial signal booster system, the cell signal problem in college / university was fixed successfully. Case study PDF should display above showing more details about the project. If it does not appear at first, please reload this page to make sure that it loads. If it does not appear due to technical problem, please visit WilsonPro category collection page for more details.

If you're not a certified Wilson Pro integrator or installer, we offer installation service locally and nationally by experienced installers to help install it professionally in residential or business properties.

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Wilson Pro Value Proposition for Schools, Colleges, Universities:

Common Pain Points Value Proposition
Inability for students and families to connect with faculty and staff. Connect students, families, faculty and staff when it matters most.
Delayed response to crisis situations or emergencies on campus. Ensure safety during crisis situations and emergencies on campus.
Old and new building materials block cell signal reception on campus. Make campus building materials a non-issue for cell signal reception.
Mandate to comply with local and state government safety guidelines. Keep students and faculty connected to family and friends off campus. Comply with recommended or compulsory guidelines per Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).
Expectation of students and faculty to remain connected on campus. Connect students, families, faculty and staff when it matters most.
Increased costs of network bandwidth for handling cell traffic growth. Reduce network infrastructure costs to keep up with growing call volume.
We don't have cellular connectivity problems. Typically in a education environment, we find most staff, parents and students are unable to communicate on mobile devices. How are you handling the dead zones and lighting up a safe room? These inconveniences and troubles being experienced are sometimes not accounted for, due to lack of awareness of such occurences.
We need a public safety solution, not a general carrier solution. We agree that public safety is extremely important, our product works alongside product safety and our solution being carrier agnostic takes care of all current and future enhancements with carrier products. How would you define a successful public safety install? It must include ability of students and staff to be able to use their phones during an emergency.

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