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How To Fix Lack Of Signal In Production Plant?

Strong -65 to -80 dBm Signal Over 150K sq. ft. across 3.5 floors.

With Wilson Pro commercial grade cellular booster system, the cell coverage problem in chemical production plant building was fixed successfully. Case study PDF should display above showing more details about the project. If it does not appear at first, please reload this page to make sure that it loads. If it does not appear due to technical problem, please visit Wilson Pro category collection page for more details.

If you're not a certified Wilson Pro installer or integrator, we offer installation service locally and nationally by experienced installers to help install it professionally in residential or business properties such as this production facility.

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Video Showing Live Demo Of Wilson Pro Signal Booster:

Wilson Pro Value Proposition For Manufacturing Plants and Factories:

Common Pain Points Value Proposition
Loss of signal due to metal and/or concrete building structure. Overcome common business communication issues with reliable cell signal.
Inability to automate functions and process due to poor cell signal. Make building materials and infrastructure a non-issue for cell signal reception.
Employee downtime and productivity loss from lack of connectivity. Keep employees connected, engaged, and productive in every department.
Delayed response time to crisis situations or emergencies on-site. Ensure greater safety during a crisis situation or emergency across the facility.
We don't have cellular connectivity problems we are aware of? Typically in a manufacturing environment, we find the biggest problem is connectivity on the floor by supervisors monitoring staff, and machines with m2m connections. Who would the floor staff or maintenance staff complain to? These losses are sometimes not accounted for due to lack of awareness of such occurences.

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