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Professional Nextivity/ Cel-Fi Installers for Expert Installation of Smart Signal Boosters

Professional Nextivity/ Cel-Fi Installers for Expert Installation of Smart Signal Boosters

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Need Nextivity's Cel-Fi signal booster installed in a large home, or building? Submit questionnaire for Cel-Fi installation service by Cel-Fi installers.

Experience excellent Nextivity/ Cel-Fi installation services with

Our certified installation team's vast experience combined with outstanding reputation in installing high quality Cel-Fi cellular signal boosters cost-effectively is one of our strengths. Certified Cel-Fi installers have received detailed instructions on installing the booster systems, as well as on safety. End users can trust our expertise and skill in handling all models of CelFi amplifying equipment including passive distributed antennna systems (DAS) such as Residential and Commercial In-Building Cel-Fi Go-X, Public Safety Signal Booster Cel-Fi Go Red and Cel-Fi Hybrid DAS such as CelFi QUATRA. Submit your requirements today for a quotation for the survey, design, and installation of a Wi-Fi and/or cellular signal boosting system for your business. Take advantage of the best Cel-Fi cell phone signal booster installation services by

Cel-Fi installers use authentic equipment with a 2 year warranty.

It has for many years been manufacturing and designing top of the line cellular smart signal amplifiers and associated components for boosting systems. Every booster is designed to efficiently enhance cellular coverage in different ways for vehicles, workplaces, or your home.

All its boosting products conform to America's Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Canada's Industry Canada (IC) regulations. You're in good hands when using its equipment and our certified installers.

Our customers demand the best quality, superb service, utmost professionalism, and outstanding craftsmanship. Our expert system design engineers and installers strive to deliver all of the above in a timely manner.

We perform site surveys in USA and Canada.

Unlike other local installers, we have the capacity to perform site surveys across USA and Canada. For commercial applications, we recommend that site surveys be done before selling a smart booster solution. This will ensure that you receive the cellular booster product suitable for the application, including a professional and effective installation. The site survey's objective is to pinpoint the best position for external antenna installation, identifying the best type of internal and external antennae needed, and determining which commercial or industrial booster is best for the location. It is highly recommended that customers or users complete the Commercial Installation Questionnaire (CIQ) to ensure the right information regarding the location has been provided.

Nevertheless, customers living in a small home or working in a small office can easily be directed on how to perform a site survey. However, if the home or building is more than 10,000 square feet, CelFi recommends that certified installer services are used to perform the site survey professionally. The site survey can be done at any home or office space in Canada or United States. This results in a quote including a cellular signal amplifier system design being offered which requires a zero maintenance budget.

Cel-Fi System Post-Installation Support that is Second to None.

Once the CelFi by Nextivity equipment is installed, carrier compliance and acceptable signal transmission is ensured. Carrier registration and remote monitoring (if required) will be provided once the installation has been completed. We also guarantee the cell phone signal booster installations performed by us for lifetime.

Its boosting equipment is approved and certified by Industry Canada (IC) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Its top amplifiers are designed for fast 4G and LTE communications, and have a reduced return rate of 1 percent and below. You will also be able to access a responsive tech and sales support team. Choose Cel-Fi Certified Installers for affordable yet swift and effective WiFi and cell phone signal booster installation at your business location.

Our step-by-step cell phone signal booster installation process is tried & tested.

  • Based on your specifications, we will do a building coverage assessment and then design a signal booster system to cater for the environment.
  • A survey will be conducted to determine installation requirements and our technician will inspect the building, measure signal coverage, and determine which (if any) special installation tools or equipment will be required.
  • Once the site survey has been completed we will suggest design and equipment, as well as an installation quote for your large home/office residential/commercial signal boosting project, including a bill of materials. The quote will cater for equipment costs, installation, and any other relevant project fees.
  • Following acceptance of the quote, your system will be installed and deployed, while our expert RF technicians will ensure you achieve signal boosting in all desired areas.

Contact us today for your Cel-Fi install service needs.

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Cel-Fi QUATRA Commercial Cell Phone Signal Booster System.

Introducing the Cel-Fi QUATRA in-building enterprise cellular system which takes enterprise class service simplicity to new levels at a much lower cost than existing solutions.

Indoor cellular problems for the workplace have traditionally been time-consuming and expensive to resolve. Densification of base stations or small cells can lead to increased interference. Introducing the Cel-Fi Quatra 1000 and 2000 in-building enterprise cellular system. Based upon award-winning design principles, Quatra takes enterprise class service simplicity to new levels at a much lower cost than existing solutions.

How it works.

A single Quatra system is comprised of a network unit and up to four coverage units. The network unit connects to the cellular operator's network using built-in antenna or external antenna. Alternatively, it can be connected to a small cell. The cell phone signal is then distributed to the coverage units. The coverage units amplify the cellphone signal and light up the building from the inside out. If your signal source is from a small cell, the combination of the small cell and the Quatra system creates a super cell.

Networking Connections.

Connections from the network unit are made with dedicated Cat-5 cables. Power is delivered to the coverage units over the same cable from a single power supply located at the network unit. If the cable run to any coverage unit exceeds 100 meters or 325 feet, you can use the Quatra range extender to extend this distance up to 200 meters or 650 feet. A single Quatra system can support between 10,000 and 50,000 square feet.

For larger areas, multiple Quatra systems can be used together and they will self-organize. Both the network unit and coverage units are supplied with easy-to-use mounting brackets.

Wireless Features Supported.

The Quatra system supports the following wireless features:

  • WCDMA.
  • HSPA+
  • LTE with MIMO in supported networks.
  • Up to 100 DB of system gain in each band simultaneously.
  • Peaceful coexistence with Wi-Fi, femtocells and cellular devices.
  • Advanced digital echo cancellation.
  • Channel select filtering algorithms.
  • Automatic gain control based on fast real-time echo cancellation.

Remote Monitoring.

Once your system is commissioned, you can track performance or manage it remotely from the cloud from any internet browser. If anything needs your attention, the system can let you know by email or text.

Purchase, Installation, and Post-Install Support.

Contact our Nextivity system installer team to learn more about the Cel-Fi Quatra in-building enterprise cellular system.