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SmoothTalker Installers & Resellers

Interested in competitive wholesale and bulk pricing on SmoothTalker cell phone boosters as a dealer? We work with a range of SmoothTalker resellers, installers, and dealers as part of our Preferred SmoothTalker Partner (PSP) program. In this program, we pass on our competitive wholesale pricing on cell phone signal boosters to our partners to improve their bottom line when purchasing equipment or sub-contracting installations. Read on to find out how you can get involved.

We offer SmoothTalker cell phone amp sales. When you're ready to go ahead, the next step to take is create a free account on our website. Then, send us a message by email or through our contact form so that we know you're ready to start buying at wholesale discount prices. As part of that first message to us, please also include information about the specific items you're thinking of buying, as well as the quantities involved in your first order.

Next, we will ensure that you're eligible to participate in the program. We will also determine which wholesale pricing tier is the best one for you, based on the information you have provided about the SmoothTalker products and quantities you intend to purchase. We have the advantage of purchasing in bulk amounts directly from SmoothTalker based in Aurora, Ontario, Canada, giving us the opportunity to pass on these low, highly discounted prices directly to our business partners. This means that retailers and resellers who partner with us do not need to buy products in large volumes in order to receive SmoothTalker wholesale pricing.

As SmoothTalker Resellers and Installers, You'll Save Plenty By Increasing Your Total Purchases.

Once the account setup process is complete, you can create as many future orders of SmoothTalker branded cell phone signal boosters and other items and products as you want, never having to pay full retail prices again. We buy enormous bulk orders of cell phone signal boosting products directly from the respective manufacturers, meaning that you don't have to. Instead, you can simply deal with us, a major distributor of these products throughout Canada and the USA, and enjoy the convenience of placing small orders while still receiving significant discounts from your SmoothTalker wholesaler.

In an event that a shipping charge applies to your order, we will always let you know as soon as possible. However, this is rare, as we generally prefer to offer a SmoothTalker discount and free shipping on our customers’ orders. We aim to make dealing with us as simple and straightforward as possible, while always passing on the absolute lowest possible prices. As a SmoothTalker supplier, we are excited to commence what will hopefully become a long-term business relationship with you, as we supply the SmoothTalker cell phone signal boosting products that you need at the absolute lowest possible prices.

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