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What is best place to position cell signal booster for best coverage?

We get asked this question alot: What is the best place to position a cell phone signal booster base or amplifier and antennas to get the best coverage? For base units with a built-in interior antenna, e.g. the Fusion4Home with Whip antenna kits, place it where you need coverage the most for best coverage. Interior antennas amplify the signal inside. For booster kits with an interior antenna like a dome omni-directional antenna, or panel directional antenna, the coverage is improved in a circular or perpendicular manner respectively. The farther away from antenna, the weaker the signal.

Panel indoor antennas are typically placed in hallways and corridors, and pointed towards the long length of the space. Omni-directional indoor antennas are typically placed in family rooms, basements, bedrooms or in a central location. Panel unidirectional antennas are typically placed on ceilings if coverage is required across a lower floor.