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Why Wilson Pro For Installers And Integrators?

Grow Your Business with WilsonPro Cell Signal Amplification Solutions.

For system integrators and installers, the reasons for choosing Wilson Pro are many. PDF that should display above highlights few of them. If it does not appear at first, please reload this page to make sure that it loads. If it does not appear due to technical problem, please visit WilsonPro category collection page for more details.

If you're not a certified Wilson Pro integrator or installer, we offer installation service locally and nationally by experienced installers to help install it professionally in your home or workplace.

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Or submit WilsonPro Install Questionnaire for quote to have it installed by qualified and experienced WilsonPro installers.

Video Showing Live Demo Of Wilson Pro Signal Booster:

Wilson Pro Value Proposition:

Not a high enough priority? This won't be a priority until X years from now. In today's interconnected world, having strong and reliable cell signal is more important than ever before. Cell phones and cellular-connected devices are critical to job performance in almost every industry and at any organization.
We are considering an Active DAS Solution. Most Active DAS solutions take over a year to install, involve petitioning your mobile carrier for approval, and require additional efforts to meet FCC regulation. Active DAS solutions are also very expensive; often costing millions of dollars. So, how far along are you in the process? Which carrier are you considering? Would you be interested in getting one solution that covers all carriers for less money? Sometimes, businesses use our solution as a stop gap before Active DAS goes live.
FCC Compliance? WilsonPro’s product line is FCC compliant. We have letters from the FCC authorizing the sale and implementation our passive DAS solutions. We also have letters from all four major US mobile providers, confirming that our solutions are carrier-accepted. We're happy to provide you with this documentation.
We only care about X carrier. X carrier may be your business's preferred mobile carrier. However, by choosing a solution that optimizes the performance of all carriers, you have the added benefit of ensuring enhanced cell signal for your clients, customers, or others who visit and conduct business with you in your building. Also, when carrier preferences change over time or as new infrastructure is implemented, a WilsonPro solution better positions you to address your business's growing cellular connectivity needs.
We don't have budget for this. Too expensive. A WilsonPro solution is scalable by design and can be completed in phases based on priority or budgetary considerations. Keep in mind, when cellular connectivity cannot be assured, the unseen costs associated with reduced productivity, compromised safety, and lost business opportunities may quickly outweigh the one-time investment you would make in a WilsonPro solution. What room(s), floor(s), or area in your building is it most critical to have cell signal coverage? We can accomodate a lower costing solution that targets only most critical areas.
We are looking for a 5G solution. Our amplifiers are able to support all currently approved FCC 5G signal band aggregation and as the FCC defines and authorizes the future of 5G, we will be prepared to maximize those as well.

Increase Order Size with WilsonPro.

WilsonPro offers more than cell signal amplifiers. Our start-to-finish customized approach to wireless connectivity solutions also provides you with additional product sales opportunities. Every WilsonPro system requires a professional installation incorporating a wide range of mounting hardware, cabling, power supplies, antennas, and more. By recommending WilsonPro to improve in-building cell signal coverage for your clients, you also improve your bottom line. So be sure to ask, "What are you currently doing to address cellular connectivity issues in your office?" and refer to the chart pictured below to generate opportunities for larger orders:

Wilson Pro Amplifier Peripheral Parts and Accessories

Wilson Pro Amplifier Kit Peripheral Parts and Accessories include:

  • Grounding Solutions.
  • Power Supplies/ UPS.
  • Mounting Hardware.
  • Network Redundancy.
  • Cable Management.
  • Cables and Connectors.
  • Antennas and Expansion Kits.