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zBoost Installers & Resellers

Have you heard about our Preferred zBoost Partner (PZP) program? We have existing business relationships with zBoost dealers, installers, and resellers who benefit from our competitive zBoost cell phone booster wholesale pricing and by sub-contracting zBoost installation service. Since we're a master zBoost wholesaler and reseller, we can pass on the benefits of our aggressive volume pricing on cell phone signal boosters to our partners.

If you don't already have a user account on our website, please create one now. Then get in touch to advise that you have created your account. We can then move forward in setting up your access to bulk buying at heavily discounted prices. When you're letting us know that you have created your user account on the website, we also need to know what you're interested in purchasing and the quantities you would like to start with on your first order.

This will help us set up your account properly. Once we have verified that you're eligible to be part of the wholesale zBoost buying program, we will use this information to determine which wholesale pricing tier you are best suited for. Since we deal directly with zBoost (previously based in Norcross, GA), we have the ability to purchase products in extreme bulk lots. We then happily pass on these savings to our chosen business partners.

Chosen zBoost Resellers and Installers Enjoy Huge Savings Based On Lifetime Sales.

With your account details on hand, you can now access wholesale prices on all zBoost cell phone signal boosting products and other items, allowing you to make as many future orders as you wish while always having access to your deep discounts. Since we're a cell phone signal boosting product distributor throughout North America, we buy directly from manufacturers and deal with dealers, installers, and zBoost resellers directly. That way, we can offer our zBoost discount and pass on discounted rates on significantly smaller wholesale orders than if you were to deal with the manufacturer directly.

We love working with our zBoost supplier, installer and reseller business partners, and do our best to pass on the absolute lowest possible wholesale rates. We generally offer free shipping on wholesale orders, but should a shipping cost need to be applied, we will advise you well in advance.

It is our aim to create long-term business relationships based on the supply of zBoost cell phone signal boosting products, and we really are looking forward to working with you long-term.

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