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Omni Short Antenna Dual Band 50 Ohm (5 dB, SureCall SC-100-S)

Omni Short Antenna Dual Band 50 Ohm (5 dB, SureCall SC-100-S)

Omni Short Antenna Dual Band 50 Ohm (5 dB, SureCall SC-100-S)

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Product Description

Omni Short Antenna covering Dual-Band 800 & 1900 MHz on 50 Ohm systems is an omni-directional antenna. It provides 4 dBi Gain on 806 MHz to 924 MHz bandwidth and 5 dBi Gain on 1850 MHz to 1995 MHz bandwidth frequency. Purchase includes the mounting hardware for perfect attachment to a mast, antenna or existing pole. It is 11.7 oz in weight, with a 50 Ohm impedance and N-Female connector type. Being omni-directional, it easily collects signals from various cell towers in the process boosting different carrier’s signals on both bandwidths stated above. Alternate part #'s: SC-100S/ CM-100S.

SureCall SC100S or CM100S is a roof or wall mount antenna best for marine, RV or urban building installations. This antenna is omni-directional, a property that gives it an ability to collect signals generally from different sides. Therefore, you need not point it to any particular tower for it to work perfectly. Antenna's range stands at about 50 miles from an unobstructed tower. 

For best results mount it upright. SureCall SC100-S or Cellphone-Mate CM100-S is compatible with a number of cables and amplifiers from SureCall, such as 4G boosters, RV boosters, accelerator kits, SOHO series of boosters, low coax cables as well as all in-building series of amplifiers on 50 Ohm system. It is very easy to install. It covers dual band frequencies as stated above. It is weather resistantant. It has an N-Female connector type. 

Surecall Omni Antenna with bandwidth frequency coverage of 698-2700 MHz is a ceiling or wall mount Omnidirectional Antenna with N-female termination. With 10 watts of power, two band omni-directional 50 ohm, this fiberglass antenna provides excellent signal boosting for cellular and wireless connectivity, providing 4 to 5 db Antenna Reception Gain. Antenna includes a mounting kit, and can be set on walls or roofs. It is ideal for downtown settings, RVs, or marine installations, where signal strength is already reasonable at 3+ bars.

This Omni-directional antenna gathers signal from all sides, and does not need to be pointed at a cellular tower. It is easy to install, and weather resistant. Connectivity begins here. Omni-Directional Antenna - Dual Band Fiberglass Antenna (SureCall SC100S/ Cellphone-Mate CM100S). 

From the manufacturer:


  • Outside use.
  • Omni-directional.
  • 5 dB Gain.
  • 2G, 3G.
  • Dual Band (800 &1900 MHz).
  • Weather resistant.
  • Easy to install.


This short omni-directional antenna is the best performing dual band antenna on the market. It is commonly used with our dual band in-building antennas.

Cellphone-Mate CM100S or SureCall SC100S two band fiber-glass antenna is an omni-directional antenna that gathers signals from all sides and does not need to be pointed toward a cellular tower. Range of antenna is approximately 50 miles to, and from cellular towers (free of obstructions). Besides the antenna itself, parts include mounting equipment for either a flat horizontal surface or a wall. It should be mounted in an upright position for best results. 

SureCall SC-100-S Specifications.

Frequency 806 - 924/ 1850 - 1990MHz.
Input Impedance 50 ohm.
Antenna Gain 5 dB.
Beamwidth 118/140.
VSWR ≤2:0.
Polarization Type Vertical.
Radiation Omni-directional.
Maximum Power 10 W.
Connector type N Female or based on customer request.
Cable type SC400 or SC240 recommended.
Height (inches) 16.18”.
Diameter 0.75”.
Weight 11.7 oz.
Mount Mount to roof.
Operating Temperature -22°F to +140°F.
Color White.

SureCall SC-100-S Antenna Set Up Instructions.

Step 1. Mount the U bolt and and screw assembly to a 1 inch to 2 inches diameter pole (not included) by placing the U bolts around the pole.

Step 2. Tighten them with the nuts and washers. Antenna should be mounted with antenna tip pointing toward the sky (perpendicular to the ground). For best results, antenna should be unobstructed in all directions.


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