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A Cell Phone Signal Booster That Does Not Cost a Fortune

Sep 19, 2021

A Cell Phone Signal Booster That Does Not Cost a Fortune

Cell Phone Boosters For Less Than $200:

If you think you will have to spend a fortune for a cell phone signal booster, think again. The cost of a cell phone signal booster varies greatly. However, if you have a 4G / LTE phone with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or any of their MVNO's - the FlareDB+ cell signal booster listed below can work out great for you! It improves signals of bands 12 & 13 for those carriers. That is practically all LTE frequencies that all 3 carriers offer.

  • $199.97 FlareDB+ Signal Booster for homes and apartment building areas up to 3,500 sq. ft. This kit boosts 4G and LTE networks of Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile service providers.

If you have a 3G phone, the 3G cellular booster listed below may be good enough to enhance signal reception coverage for ALL 3G networks of all Carriers and all bands for multiple cell-devices inside your home or office spanning an area of up to 2500 sq. ft.

If you need to expand coverage to larger indoor coverage area and/or need to boost signals for multiple 4G / LTE smartphones simultaneously, then the cost would increase to $299.99 & up with our low to mid-tier cell amplifier kits.

In-Vehicle Cell Phone Boosters For Under $200:

Are you looking to improve wireless reception inside your vehicle, but can get by with boosting a single cellphone or mi-fi mobile hotspot? In that case, any of the four in-vehicle mobile amplifiers by SureCall or weBoost (premium consumer grade brand owned by Wilson Electronics) listed below respectively, should get the job done.

All four above cell phone booster kits are very portable meaning they can be moved from one car to another in just a minute, or two minutes. Please note that only the 2nd one (Fusion2Go 2.0) can boost multiple cell devices at the same time - the rest can only improve reception for one cellular device that is placed on the cradle. 

If you need to enhance cellular signals to other type vehicles such as a RV, you're looking at a higher cost of $399.99 for a multi-user RV cell phone booster kit. If you compare, these're great deals available at

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  • I don’t know at what point the prices for cell phone signal boosters will stop, but if they keep dropping at this rate, I’ll be buying them for birthday and Christmas presents for my friends and family who have poor cell phone reception. It would be nice to be able to talk to them on the phone and actually make out what they’re hearing.

    Kurt Huber on
  • Money is tighter than ever and even with the latest stimulus check, I can’t afford to throw my bucks around foolishly. I need a cell phone booster for my home so it’s good to see some excellent deals here for solid products.

    William Black on
  • Based on chats I’ve had with my friends and relatives, I think a decent amount of them would like a cell phone signal booster either for their home, car, or RV/boat. Despite new services like 5G, people still complain about slow signals and dropped calls. I have had that experience as do those I’ve talked with. I’ve also seen more awareness of cell phone boosters due to news programs mentioning them during the Coronapocalypse. Like anything, price has always been the big if. However, I have seen a very distinct drop in cost over the last year, year and a half. Enough that boosters are more priced within everyone’s budget. It reminds me of DVD players and Blu-Ray players when they first came out and they were luxury items. Now anyone can get one.

    Casey S. on
  • I’ve noticed over the last year that more people are talking about cell phone boosters and wi-fi boosters for their homes, but I try and remind them that they’re good for their vehicles too if they have problems getting strong signals. Depending on where you live, you might be working remotely still but if not, now is a good time to check out motor vehicle boosters if you do any amount of driving and dialing.

    Don Spangel on
  • I’m unsure how much “a cell phone signal booster that does not cost a fortune” is supposed to be a selling point. LOL. I know that cell phone boosters can help a lot when it comes to improving bad signals in your home or car, but I don’t think “doesn’t cost a fortune” is a good selling point. Boosters cost a few bucks, but the pandemic has shown just how useful they are and it’s not like they’re priced out of people’s budget.

    Desiree C. on
  • These different boosters look helpful and I like the prices for them, especially the ones for your cars. I don’t have a fortune and even if I did, I would like to save money when I buy things (why waste money, even if you have a lot). I normally drive alone so the single phone booster for the car looks just up my alley.

    D. Jenkins on
  • The idea of buying a cell phone booster for $199 is unthinkable. I never thought I’d see the prices come down so much. My thoughts are that with boosters growing in popularity and technology improving, it was bound to happen, but it happened sooner than I thought!

    Arlene K. on

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