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Beaumont, TX House Cell Signal Booster Installation Case Study

May 15, 2018

Beaumont, TX House Cell Signal Booster Installation Case Study specializes in installing cell phone signal boosters for small homes, big homes, small/ medium/ large businesses in many industries across United States & Canada. In this case study, we take a look back at a project we carried out for a Texas resident, Craig G. in Beaumont, Texas.

Craig lives in Beaumont TX. Beaumont is about 140 km east of Houston. It has 118,296 residents. It is the twenty-fourth-most populous city in Texas. It is a popular university town. It is home to the Lamar University with more than 15,000 students.

The Problem.

Craig has a beautiful house in Beaumont, right in the middle of a sprawling farm. He has always struggled with weak cell phone reception at his house. Holding a conversation on the phone can be really difficult in some of the rooms, and there are far too many dead zones in the house for Craig’s comfort.

But the main issue of contention for Craig has been the failure to get 4G LTE coverage at his house. He has a young family and as you might expect, kids these days cannot live without their iPhones. But for iPhones to really work their magic, you need fast mobile internet – or 4G LTE.

Craig contacted us at our office in Houston, TX with a simple request – do whatever it takes, just get me 4G LTE!

The Solution.

We sent out a couple of technicians to Craig's house, and it was clear what the problem was. The nearest cellular tower was at a fair distance from his house, and this made it very difficult to get a decent cellular reception – leave alone a 4G LTE coverage.

The solution was really quite simple: weBoost Connect 4G-X. View allweBoost Connect series cellular signal boosters. Our technicians installed the Connect 4GX cell phone booster kit at the house. This device enhanced both 3G and 4G LTE coverage indoors and outdoors, up to an area of coverage of 7,500 sq. feet.

Wilson Electronics is the company that manufactures weBoost Connect 4GX, which they sell under the weBoost brand. All of their products are "Designed & Engineered in USA". This device carries a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and 60-day money back guarantee from

weBoost Connect 4G-X delivers stronger voice, text and faster data throughout the house. No more missed calls, no more missed emails. This device has been built to improve cell phone reception in large residential properties, such as Craig's home in Beaumont.

The Connect 4G-X supports all major carriers in United States and Canada. It improves voice quality and data speed quite considerably. It is easily one of the most powerful cell phone booster home kits.

The Result.

Since the installation of cellphone signal booster, Craig has been able to get 3 bars of signal in his home and can now stream video and use his Internet inside his home where he could not before. His family now gets to experience 4G LTE at its very best. They couldn't be happier about it!

About is a top-rated installer of commercial signal boosting and wireless solutions across North America. It is owned and operated by the Houston, TX-based Accessory Fulfillment Center, LLC. (AFC-Houston). We offer highly reliable installation services for large or small residential, industrial and commercial grade signal boosters.

Do You Have an Issue with the Cell Phone Reception at Your Residence?

Call for FREE consultation: 1-855-846-2654. Or submit details for quote of business or residential cell signal booster installation, to get started.

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  • This statement “kids these days cannot live without their iPhones” describes today’s society. I know kids are glued to their phones, but everyone under 50 is and I laugh when I see seniors absorbed by their phones. That’s why everyone wants a good signal so I can see why Craig went out and got a cell phone signal booster.

    Space Ace Aaron on
  • “Sounds like this person got some much needed help deep in the heart of Texas. In my case, how much will my cell phone coverage be extended with a cell phone signal extender?” My experience is that your coverage depends on several factors—the product, your outdoor signal level, the indoor building materials and your antenna placement. For example, cell phone boosters are designed for individual sizes. If you buy one with a maximum range of 2,500 sq. ft, the 2,500 sq. ft. number represents open space coverage with optimal signal strength at the external antenna. You need to go outside and see how weak your signal is. If you don’t get a signal, a cell phone signal extender (aka cell phone booster) won’t do anything as it can’t create a signal out of nothing. If there’s a signal, you measure it using your phone’s “check your signal” tool (often found in the settings area). Then, you go inside and check the signal throughout your home. Typically, there are areas where building materials will weaken a signal and areas where the signal is stronger. You may need to adjust your booster’s setup by using a particular type of antenna to maximize its effectiveness throughout your home. In any event, any reputable cell phone signal extender vendor will be able to answer your specific questions and they usually offer custom installation (although this isn’t needed many times with residential boosters).

    Ari Keppler on
  • Neil asks, “Where do I pry to open the unit so I can mount it to a wall?” Neil, there’s no need to pry open the signal amplifier casing if all you want to do is to mount it on the wall. Look for a paper stack wall holder or similar wall holder at a hardware store and simply place the amplifier inside it. Signal booster base units are never bigger than 8 inches by 12 inches and well under 2 inches thick, so this should work out great for your intended purpose. Besides, it is never recommended that you ever open the RF amplifier base unit due to the risk of damaging the electronic circuitry inside.

    Ed Jacobson on
  • Excellent example of how cell phone signal extenders make it possible to have clear cell phone conversations with reduced instances of dropped calls. I think in a scenario like this, it was wise to have some technicians check the home out. If a cell phone signal tower is far away, you want to make sure you get the best results from your extender. This was a good way of understanding how an extender can help someone out who is experiencing bad cell phone coverage. No one wants to deal with spotty cell phone signals so this is a good example of the benefits of installing an extender after doing the pre-planning.

    Casey Hutchinson on
  • Sounds like this person got some much needed help deep in the heart of Texas. In my case, how much will my cell phone coverage be extended with a cell phone signal extender?

    Bruce Curry on
  • These case studies are helpful. I’ve been browsing through looking at cell phone booster reviews and general tidbits on how to improve your cell phone signal for free. Come to find out there are some excellent case studies showing how cell phone boosters can help you if you own a business or as here, when you own a home. I imagine there are some parts of Texas that are very far from cell phone towers so people have trouble calling others without dropped calls. I can picture people having trouble hearing each other at times too. These cell phone boosters sound like a great means of eliminating this problem because they boost the weak signals, turning them into strong signals.

    Rex Simonson on
  • I purchased a zee boaster for our cabin. It works good. My problem is I want to mount the unit on a wall but cannot open the unit and there were no instructions. I did not want to pry too much at the wrong place in fear I would break it. Where do I pry to open the unit so I can mount it to a wall?

    Neil Unruh on
  • It’s one thing to read about a cell phone booster and what it’s supposed to do, but it’s another to read an actual case study of someone who had experience with cell phone signal booster installation. I’ve read how cell phone boosters can increase your phone’s power in your home so the phone works like the advertisers say it’s going to be. I’ve bought new phones that promise excellent audio quality only to get the same lousy reception as I had in my previous phone. I think the difference isn’t the phone as much as it is the signal. You can have a good phone, but a poor signal will keep it from working like it’s supposed to. This gentleman’s experience sounds like cell phone boosters really help turn weak signals into super-signals. I’m glad I read this because it gives me a better assessment of how cell phone boosters can really help.

    K.T. Lincoln on

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