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weBoost Home & Connect House, Office, Building Signal Boosters

weBoost Home series are the new versions of weBoost Connect 4G LTE & 3G Series cell phone signal boosters, amplifiers, and repeaters that help boost cellular signals indoors inside homes, offices and buildings. The new model versions are improved technically from their older counterparts. They are: weBoost Home-Complete (previous version old discontinued model name Connect 4G-X), Home-MultiRoom (previously Connect 4G), and Home-Room (previously Home 4G). Most factory certified refurbished models available. Both new and renewed kits have 60 days guarantee. New kits have two years manufacturer warranty whereas refurbished ones have 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Last but very important for few of our valued customers, we carry weBoost Installed model version below called weBoost Installed Home Complete (474445). It is practically same as the most powerful residential signal booster, the Home Complete, except it also has installation built-in with the purchase. It is a new concept in cell phone booster industry whereby you buy the cellular amplifier and it includes installation service by a professional installer that would come to your residence and install it for you. It is very useful and helpful for those that are physically challenged and need better cell service but cannot install it themselves.

We Boost Reception in Homes, Offices and Buildings with the Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters.