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Neptune City, New Jersey Cell Signal Booster Installation Case Study

May 14, 2018

Since many years, the staff of TFH Publications AKA Nylabone has been experiencing inconsistent cell reception. TFH is one of the leading pet publishing companies in United States. Its books are famous for their authoritative information on pet care.

They are the very first publisher of pet books in United States to use color. TFH Publications are the leading publishers of information on dog and small animal care, aquarium hobby, and herp care. They are based out of Neptune City, New Jersey and maintain a large staff of over 250.

The Problem.

For many years, the TFH staff have complained about inconsistent cell phone reception in their office at two locations – the sales office and the elevator shaft.

They brought it to the attention of the management since most of the employees at TFH are Millennials who have practically grown up on mobile phones and smartphones. Therefore, you can imagine how much this must mean to them.

Mark W. of THF decided to do something about it and bring a resolution to the situation. He got in touch with us at

The Solution.

We sent out our technicians to the TFH Publications office in Neptune City, NJ. We first carried out a comprehensive inspection of the office building to find out more about the issue.

There were two locations within the office building, the sales office and the elevator shaft, which received no signals whatsoever.

Our technicians decided to install two Wilson Pro 70 Signal Amplifiers at the two locations.

Why Wilson Pro 70?

Wilson Electronics is the leading manufacturer of cell phone amplifiers in United States. All of their devices come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and we offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

Wilson Pro 70 is one of the best commercial grade cell phone signal boosters for office buildings. It covers an area of up to 25,000 sq. feet depending on location-specific circumstances. It enhances 3G & 4G LTE for all mobile phones and cellular devices.

It is compatible with all major carriers in United States. The devices were quickly deployed by our experienced installers. The boosting system guarantees better and more reliable text, talk and internet speed. It definitely solves the problem of dropped calls permanently.

The Result.

For the Elevator Shaft: Our technicians mounted a panel antenna in penthouse just above elevator shaft and aimed it downwards towards the Wilson Pro 70 amplifier. This gave us a very useful 3 bars signal in the elevator.

For the Sales Office: We installed a Wilson Pro 70 system in the sales office and attached the inside antenna at appropriate angles, to ensure full connectivity across the 5,000 sq. feet area.

This solved the problem of dropped calls and ensured that there was no breakdown in communication of any sort. The signal strength improved considerably to 3 to 5 bars.

First Wilson Pro 70 Signal Booster Installed:

First Wilson Pro 70 Signal Booster Installed

Second WilsonPro 70 Signal Booster Installed:

Second WilsonPro 70 Signal Booster Installed

Interior Panel Antenna Installed:

Interior Panel Antenna Installed High Up On Ceiling

Exterior Omni Directional Antenna Installed:

Exterior Omni Directional Antenna Installed

About is one of the most reputable providers and installer of commercial signal boosting and wireless solutions in United States. It is owned and operated by the Houston-based Accessory Fulfillment Center, LLC. (AFC-Houston).

Do You Need to Improve Cellular Reception at Your Office Building?

Call for FREE consultation: 1-855-846-2654. Or submit details for quote of WilsonPro Signal Booster Installation, to get started.

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  • Elevators may be the worst place to get a cell phone signal. It’s hard to tell if it’s that or an underground parking garage. That’s a story for another day. If a cell signal booster can get a reliable signal in an elevator, that means there’s hope for just about any location.

    Elle Austerlitz on
  • I’ve always wondered why cell phone reception is so bad in offices and similar buildings but I’ve read some of your articles on the causes of cell phone interference so it makes sense now. Now, I’m curious why more businesses don’t get these installed. It would make life so much nicer for anyone working.

    Gail McDonald on
  • I guess this is another case where I’ve learned something new (not sure if it’s an everyday thing as the saying goes). As for this pet publishing company, I’m surprised they had a problem with cell phone reception. However, when I read about the elevator shaft, I remembered all the times I’ve lost my signal while I was in an elevator. The work this cell phone booster installation service performed sounds thorough. If you’re going to spend money on a commercial cell phone booster, you’re going to want to make sure you don’t miss anything.

    Will Campbell on
  • Sounds like these people had a wonderful experience with their cell phone signal booster. Buildings can be a true nightmare when it comes to trying to get a good cell phone signal. There are just so many factors that can weaken or block a signal whether it’s going in the basement or hopping into an elevator. It looks like it was worth the time and money to get the interior cell phone booster installed and set up to meet their needs.

    Betty Kravitz on
  • This case study shows how signal boosters can solve cell phone headaches for people, whether they’re having trouble getting a good signal at home or their office has lousy cell phone reception. As this article makes clear, millennials use their cell phones for much of their work, but the phones are no good if the cell phone signals are weakened by factors such as building materials, the distance from a cell phone tower, and buildings surrounding the office. Cell phone boosters do a superb job strengthening signals so your phones work like you want them to. This case study showed an integral part of putting any cell phone booster in (particularly for offices and other business facilities)—having a site assessment so you know where to place the booster for maximum efficiency.

    Larry Okerlund on

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