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Free Cell Phone Signal Booster/ Amplifier System Design Service

May 12, 2018

Free Cell Phone Signal Booster/ Amplifier System Design Service offers FREE professional signal boosting/ amplifying system design services using iBwave designs for buildings over 10,000 sq. ft. We will custom-design and develop a comprehensive configuration diagram for you. The design layout will include BOM (Bill of Materials) with suggested signal amplifier kitting details and installation cost.

Submit your basic details along with floor plans if available, as instructed via our online Commercial Installation Questionnaire. We will perform the site survey, take RF signal readings, and use floor plan details if provided, to design mobile signal booster or amplifier system. It is guaranteed to provide wall to wall cellular coverage for all service provider networks.

If you do not need professional signal booster design service but instead wish to learn about how to design signal booster system yourself, please read this article: How to design signal booster system. While there're lot of elements involved in designing a signal booster system, above link will give you a general idea of all intricacies involved in a custom-designed wireless signal enhancing system.

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  • If you get a free cell phone signal booster design, you’re already off to a good start. I’ve read that professional level cell phone boosters require a thorough survey before you install them, otherwise you’re looking at spending extra money after installation because you didn’t take all the factors affecting cell phone signals and your booster into consideration. I look at it as similar to someone who builds a house without any type of blueprints. Something as complex as a professional cell phone installation needs to be planned out if you want it done properly.

    Jay Layton on
  • I want a mobile phone signal booster for my home so this caught my eye. I’ve heard it’s important to make sure you have an idea of what your signal reception is at home, such as weak reception areas and strong reception areas as this will help with maximizing your cell phone signal booster’s effectiveness. I see your helpful video and also see you have design service for commercial buildings. Is it possible to get professional installation for your home? Also, are there boosters beyond 4G signal boosters? That is, are there 5G signal boosters?

    Danny Greene on
  • I’m not a mobile signal booster installer, but I’ve read a lot about cell phone boosters so I think I can comment on this. Cell phone boosters will help strengthen your signal so you can have strong connections, quick data speeds, and a marked reduction in dropped calls. The thing is that you need a specific cell phone booster for your home or office. There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to cell phone boosters, which is why I think it’s helpful there is a free design service. If you’re going to get a cell phone booster, you want to make sure it works ideally in the particular space you’re in. Things like proper antenna placement and other things can be determined through a design analysis, making for easier installation and no guesswork. I’m glad to see this service is available and FREE.

    Anderson C. Baxter on

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