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May 20, 2021 Installs Cel-Fi QUATRA for Texas Police Station

College Station, TX Police Station Enhances Service Delivery with Improved Cell Signal.


With the need to offer better security and law enforcement services to students and wider community the new revamped Police Department Hearquarters in College Station, Texas is essential. Situated in a 60,000 square foot building and two stories, the need for a quality cellular signal both for administrative purposes and individual use in and around the police station is clearly obvious.

The Problem.

As a new police building in a largely well-built modern building, the structural integrity of the place is solid and reputable. However, complaints of little to zero cellular reception inside PD Headquarters have been common and evident throughout the new police station. Due to the building materials, architectural integrity and enhancements, the quality of cell phone signal on the outside doesn’t translate the same on the inside.

Technician at work.

The problem is that with a great cell reception outside, the coverage inside the building has remained critically atrocious affecting operations of the police station, overall communication, and service delivery.

The Solution.

After careful, intense and extensive signal tests, technicians on the ground were able to ascertain the best solution that would amplify the cell signal on the inside. Due to the breadth of the building and structural design the Cel-Fi QUATRA 2000 system was identified as the best solution that would provide Verizon and AT&T services, among others.

Installer Mounting Directional Antenna on Roof.

Directional Antenna Installed.

Cel-Fi QUATRA 2000 Powered Up.

Two Cel-Fi QUATRA Verizon/AT&T Network Units were incorporated, including eight Cel-Fi QUATRA Verizon / AT&T Coverage Units, four Cel-Fi misc. connector adapter cables, LPDA outdoor antenna, and a high gain indoor dome antenna.

Other parts included four-way cellular cable splitter, cellular taps, 500-feet non-plenum cellular cable and twenty fittings. Also, two reels of Cat5E cable non-plenum 1000-ft. cables were used, as well as Rohn 10 ft. antenna tower and base with miscellaneous hardware and Cel-Fi QUATRA Range Extender.

Results after system complete, up and running.

With installation completed, the signal was retested to a resounding success. The new College Station Police Station in Texas now has an improved cellular signal throughout its 60K square feet space. As result, AT&T network users are able to enjoy a minimum 3 bars on their cellular devices and 4 bars for Verizon users.


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  • It’s unthinkable that the police couldn’t get a cell phone signal in their own building. I wonder who planned the building. You’d think they’d know that certain materials weaken or plain old block them. Fortunately someone had the brains to consult and get things fixed.

    Jenny Jackson on
  • I’ve noticed some police stations like this one are less militaristic in their appearance. They’re different from older ones that look like mini-bunkers and where you’d expect to have trouble using your cell phone due to the materials blocking the signals from the tower to the phone. Looking at this picture of the Texas police station reminded me that even station houses that have more glass and doors can have cell phone coverage challenges. There are so many materials that can weaken a cell phone signal that it didn’t surprise me when this station got a signal booster system.

    Jimmy Han on
  • The other day I was eavesdropping and I heard someone talking about how their phone doesn’t work in a particular room. I immediately thought of how building materials and electronics can compromise or even block cell phone signals. I know that’s why I see many police stations on’s different articles about case studies where boosters are used to help with poor reception. Most police stations are one step short of fortresses in terms of building materials so I can see why signals are so weak by the time they go through walls and reinforced glass.

    Craig L. on
  • Something tells me police stations all over the nation will be installing these booster systems (if they haven’t installed them already). Police can’t afford to be out of touch with their colleagues or the public. The case study was an eye-opener for me.

    Meg W. on
  • I bet the police want a reliable cell phone signal with all the craziness going on right now. I’ve read other articles at this site about public safety boosters for first responders. Both sound like excellent ways to keep them in touch with each other. What good is a cell phone if you lose the call or can’t hear the person on the other line?

    Kristen Hall on
  • I’ve noticed that there are a number of stories on about police and fire departments having to use cell phone signal boosters because of the materials weakening or blocking signals. In addition, I see a lot of stories about places in Texas where there are problems with cell signals and I’d guess it’s because there are so many areas that need cell towers.

    The Ringo Kid on
  • This isn’t the first newly-built police station I’ve read about with problems getting good cell reception. There are so many building materials that interfere with signals and it sounds like police stations are usually made of them. LOL. The buildings are probably very sturdy but it’s not much good if you can’t dial out or receive calls.

    Bernie Mayer on

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