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weBoost Drive Reach RV & Drive Reach OTR Cell Boosters

Nov 12, 2020

weBoost Drive Reach RV & Drive Reach OTR Cell Boosters

weBoost has introduced two new editions of its highly successful and its most powerful vehicle cell phone signal booster kit, the weBoost Drive Reach.

While the first original kit, the weBoost Drive Reach contained a low profile magnet mount exterior antenna, and a slim patch interior antenna, the new specialized truck (weBoost Drive Reach OTR) and specialized RV (weBoost Drive Reach RV) kits contain more truck-specific and RV-specific antenna(s), respectively. All these three cellular amplifier kits manufactured by the parent company Wilson Electronics are sold at the same price-point of $499.99.

weBoost Drive Reach RV: Cell Signal Booster for RVs.

weBoost Drive Reach RV (model 470354) with same retail cost also has an equally rugged exterior antenna but is adjustable from 7.5 inches to 20.5 inches. This outside RV antenna comes with a longer 25 feet extension cable which helps provide enough leeway to conveniently place the booster in a suitable spot inside your recreational vehicle (RV). Secondly, its more RV-conducive desktop cell tower interior antenna covers larger service coverage space (than inside patch antenna) and more convenient to place centrally so all users inside RV can enjoy stronger cellular signals simultaneously, which is excellent for RVs.

The Drive Reach RV featuring desktop interior antenna's designed to comfortably fit all motorhomes and RVs - particularly Class A and Class C vehicles, as well as tow-ables and trailers. Its toughest exterior antenna has capability to adjust from 7.5" - 20.5" and can overcome all obstacles such as low hanging tree branches and extreme weather. It is made for RVers who demand the strongest cell connection from remote roads and campsites.

weBoost Drive Reach OTR: Cell Signal Booster for Trucks.

weBoost Drive Reach OTR (model 472154) with MSRP $499.99 has the most rugged exterior antenna built by weBoost. Its all-weather, all-terrain construction meets current U.S. Military 810H and NEMA IP66 standards. It is resistant to high wind gusts, low tree branches, rain, dust, dirt, and more. It is adjustable from 7.5 inches to 40 inches. This OTR truck cell signal booster kit has the same slim patch interior antenna because truck cabins are very similar to cars, size-wise.

The Drive Reach OTR featuring exterior adjustable 7.5" -> 40" antenna's designed to fit any truck, from semis to pickups to off-road vehicles to overlanders. Originally designed for long-haul drivers, it is an excellent tool for oil fields, mines, and remote workers who spend most of their day on the road.

Features at a glance:

  • Meets current U.S. Military and NEMA IP66 standards for durability. Outside antenna is protected from high winds, low tree branches, rain, dirt, dust, and more.
  • Height-adjustable (up to 20 inches for RVs and up to 40 inches for OTRs) modular outside antenna with spring, mount, and mast extensions.
  • Compatible with all cellular devices on all network carriers including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and more. Every passenger can enjoy a better cell signal on any cellular-connected device.
  • 5G-ready, it will boost cell signal for the next decade and beyond.


weBoost Drive Reach RV and Drive Reach OTR combine weBoost's most powerful in-vehicle booster yet with the toughest outside antenna for better cell signal anywhere on the road. Both models come with a durable, redesigned outside antenna that meets current U.S military and NEMA IP66 standards, meaning it can withstand extreme shaking while being protected from dust, oil, and water.

Drive Reach RV and OTR boost cell signal for fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, faster data speeds, improved hotspot capability, and improved data streaming. The new kits reach 74 percent farther than Drive X RV and Drive 4G-X OTR to pick up cell signal in even the most remote areas.

With U.S.-based customer service, and a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, you trust that you will see an improvement in cell signal service.

Would you prefer that we install cell signal booster kit professionally in your vehicle fleet? Nationwide installation available.


Get started with professional vehicle cell signal booster installing service by providing details to help us prepare installation quote.

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  • RV’s are so much fun if you like traveling without stopping at a hotel. Personally, I like the RV’s because you don’t have to worry about noisy neighbors or insects. The only thing that I don’t like is when your cell phone goes in and out of coverage. Once I learned about cell phone boosters for RV’s, I realized this doesn’t have to be a problem unless you’re somewhere that has no cell signal whatsoever.

    David L. Sanchez on
  • It sounds like the days of CB radios are long over and people like the ease of using cell phones in their RV’s and other the road trucks. I totally understand why you might need a cell phone signal booster for your RV or truck when you consider all the driving through different areas.

    Alejandro Ramirez on
  • I’ve heard people are going to be hitting the road big time this summer. Everyone is tired of being cooped up by corona but apparently, a lot of people aren’t thrilled about the idea of air travel. Supposedly RV sales are high but I wonder how nice it is to be able to use your cell phone. Sure, there’s the safety factor but the convenience of being able to call out can’t be understated. I hope people are aware that over-the-road cell boosters can help a lot. I wonder if RV dealers are selling them as add-ons?

    Reyna Poland on
  • Don’t know nothing about the OTR cell boosters but the RV boosters caught my eye. I don’t find myself using my cell phone for talking when I’m in the RV, but I do like to watch videos and stuff like that when someone takes over the driving.

    Carl Scott on
  • Not every trip in a RV is to a campground or someplace far away where getting a signal is a problem. I do know that when I am someplace with bad cell signal service it’s no fun. It’s not like you want to run and find a payphone (good luck with that). That’s why I like the idea of cell boosters for RV’s and other vehicles.

    Paul Macias on
  • Something tells me that people are going to hit the road in 2021 as the pandemic quiets down. I have a feeling there will be many RV’s on the road as people can finally get out of the house. That being said, it would be wise to get a signal booster for your RV so you can keep in touch when you go through those areas with bad cell phone reception.

    Roger Everett on
  • You never know how much you need a cell phone booster until you talk to an over-the-road trucker. I have friends that do long-haul trucking and they tell me it is a constant problem being able to stay on their cell phones due to terrain like hills and mountain weakening or blocking signals and cell phone towers being far away. Truckers use cell phones and need strong signals so I understand why they would want to get one.

    Adrian Channing on
  • I was curious about what the difference was between a cell phone booster for an RV and an over-the-road truck. Thanks for explaining this. I’m not an OTR driver but I know what a challenge it can be getting a good signal when you’re driving an RV or you’re parked at a campsite.

    Justin McHale on

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