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Cell Phone Signal Boosters Are Essential for First Responders

Jun 21, 2018

Cell Phone Signal Boosters Are Essential for First Responders

Prompt communication is crucial to paramedics' success on the job. That said, sometimes external factors get in the way.

These factors include:

  • Distance from the cell tower.
  • Terrain & tall structures.
  • Vegetation & weather.
  • Building materials & interior obstructions.

First responders sometimes experience poor cell phone coverage for one or more of above mentioned reasons. Cell phone signals consist of radiofrequency waves, and it doesn’t take much to alter, disrupt, or block them altogether.

Concrete basements, mountainous roads, and stormy weather can all play a role in weakening first responders' cell phone signals. In the field, in transit, or at the base station, there're numerous obstacles that can compromise paramedics' cellular connections.

What can EMS teams do about this?

They can invest in cell phone signal boosters like our fire truck cell phone signal boosters because poor coverage hinders first response efforts.

Cell phone signal strength is measured in decibels, where -50 dB generally indicates full coverage and -110 dB points to a dead zone (that is, an area with no signal at all). These figures are consistent across all carriers and cellular devices.

When paramedics experience dropped calls and poor-quality service, they are typically near the -110 dB zone. A cell phone signal booster, however, can push their dB levels closer to the -50 dB zone for stronger 3G and 4G LTE network signals.

Signal boosters can take a 3G or 4G LTE signal and amplify it by up to 32 times before rebroadcasting it into the vicinity. The devices do require an existing signal to function; however, weak signals in -90dB to -100dB are sufficient in most cases. An important thing to keep in mind is that you can't amplify something that does not exist. But with little signal available, boosters can work wonders.

It doesn't matter if the first responder is far from the nearest cell tower, or if they are in an urban area with tall buildings that distort the cell phone signal. By leveraging a signal, cell phone signal boosters can jump over hurdles and enhance paramedics' voice and text communication so they can continue doing what they do best: address emergency situations and ultimately save lives.

Signal Boosters Are the Solution Paramedics Need.

Across United States and Canada, cities, counties, states, and provinces have their own public safety requirements. They adopt sections of International Code Council (ICC), as well as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and their own requirements and measures.

A combined cell phone signal booster system and a public safety band signal booster installed will ensure EMS departments are equipped to meet the needs of their own team's wireless communications as well as those of their constituents, based on the requirements in each area.

But what if they could not only meet these needs, but surpass them? What if first responders could go above and beyond? In an event of an emergency, the bare minimum signal bars may not help get the job done. From speaking with dispatchers to relaying information to personnel back at the base station, prompt communication can make all the difference in a dire situation.

Therefore, regardless of whether there's a natural disaster, a medical emergency, or another incident at play, first responders cannot delay their efforts. A cellphone and/or public safety radio signal booster is the answer these professionals need.

Cell Signal Boosters for Police Patrol Cars/ SUVs.

For police patrol cars and SUVs, Fusion2Go 3.0 and Drive 4G-X are two great cell signal booster kits that enhance cellular communications on all mobile service provider networks in USA. Cell phone signal boosters are versatile. The two wireless signal boosters kits stated above, are no exception. They boost reception of multiple cellphones simultaneously which may help multiple police officer's cell devices simultaneously. They help first responders who rely on strong cell reception at work each day. They can boost the cell phone signals of up to four devices at a time. Both these pro-rated cellphone booster kits offer 60% greater reach to the nearest cell phone tower than other cell phone booster kits in the market. These professional-grade devices leads to fewer missed or dropped calls, less Internet buffering, and clearer conversations that allow first responders to work more efficiently.

Cell Signal Boosters for EMS Ambulances and Fire Trucks.

For EMS ambulances and fire trucks, Drive 4G-X OTR is a great cell phone booster kit with a tall antenna for better reach to nearest cell towers. It enhances cell communications on all mobile service networks in USA. For larger cabin of Emergency Medical Service ambulances, Fusion2Go 3.0 RV can enhance signal over larger area for multiple devices where multiple paramedics may need to use their cell devices while in transit to nearest hospital with the patient.

Consumers tell us that these signal boosters provide an additional two to four bars of service for most carriers - and that is no small feat when public safety is concerned.


Please note that signal booster models listed above are ideal for boosting consumer cell service signals in urban as well as suburban locations, along with certain remote rural locations. However, off-the-grid areas with absolutely no signal available, may not have an existing signal needed that can support the booster. The booster requires some signal to amplify it up to 32 times.

How can you determine whether these vehicle cell boosters are right for you? If the signal is usually stronger outside your vehicle than it is inside, these cellular phone boosters would work great. These kits will produce fantastic results if outside signal is -95 dB or higher. Largely due to its unmatched power, we can't recommend it enough.


The cell phone signal boosters from work for all cellular devices and carriers in United States of America. There are no subscription fees to be paid to use them. Simply make a one-time purchase, and they will provide the signal-boosting service you deserve. Push your cell phone signal strength to its top strength and power with a cellular booster! Browse indoor cell signal boosters and outdoor cell signal boosters today. Contact us if you have any questions or need any product selection assistance.

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  • Part of me wants to say that it goes without saying that public safety signal boosters are essential for first responders but apparently some people just are clues. You reduce first responders’ effectiveness big-time when they can’t count on a reliable signal back to their home base or each other. Think about it… if people buy home cell phone boosters and car phone signal boosters, why would first responders want them (or more precisely, why wouldn’t they NEED them). I hope more governments and businesses pay attention to this because it sounds important.
    Anthony Conte on
  • More businesses seem to be looking to acquiring cell phone boosters because they know their business requires a strong signal so people inside can make calls and download data. I’ve seen articles about employees using their cell phones for work so it makes sense to have a strong, reliable signal in a building. However, businesses need more than just a cell phone signal booster for large buildings, they need a public safety booster so first responders’ emergency response radio systems work throughout the building. These public safety boosters ensure a constant signal for first responders when they enter a building. So when building owners consider their in building cellular needs, they should make sure they have a commercial cell phone booster and a public safety booster. Together, they mean strong cell phone signals for civilians and first responders. It’s a much-needed combination for all involved.

    Glenn Reynolds on
  • First responders do not want to lose touch with their colleagues at any time, whether it’s a routine check or an emergency. With first responders using cell phones, it’s important that they be able to have a strong signal wherever they are, be it the country or the big city. The country can weaken signals because of geography such as hills, dense trees, etc. Likewise, tall buildings in a city can weaken signals so there’s no guarantee of a strong signal just because you’re in the city. I’ve looked at these cell phone boosters and as noted in the article, they can’t create a signal if none exists (such as if a cell phone tower is disabled). However, if there’s a signal, it will strengthen it and make calls clearer, improve data speed, and reduce dropped calls. Emergency responders need all the tools out there to help them do their job and cell phone signal boosters are certainly a necessity.

    Gary Clarke III on

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