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Fusion4Home Max wins CES 2022 Innovation Honoree award

Nov 16, 2021

Fusion4Home Max wins CES 2022 Innovation Honoree award

SureCall's Fusion4Home Max has won the CES Innovation Honoree award for its engineering breakthrough and innovation.

Its patented Extended Range Technology (ERT) with its inline amplifier works by overcoming the signal loss between outside antenna and inside home or building, resulting in the best signal quality that then delivers greater coverage area and faster data speeds for all North American carriers.

This dual-amplifier system is purpose-built for areas with the weakest cellular signals - such as rural and suburban homes and areas with partially blocked signals.

This advanced technology cell phone signal booster for homes and offices is critical for the challenging needs of heavy indoor cellular usage. It delivers improved signal quality and strength for everyone in the home, or office. Its cutting-edge technology transforms users' connectivity with strongest and most consistent cellular coverage throughout indoor spaces.

The CES Innovation Awards program is owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). It is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in 27 consumer technology product categories. An elite panel of industry expert judges reviewed submissions based on innovation, engineering and functionality, aesthetic and design.

This year’s awards program received a record high number of over 1,800 submissions. SureCall Fusion4Home Max is one of them, that has won the CES Innovation Honoree award.

In 2023, SureCall has launched SureCall Fusion 5X Max - check it out.

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  • Way to go, Surecall… everyone at your company is a rock star! This is what you get when employees are owners. More innovation, better service, and people that truly care about the well being of customers.

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