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City of Bellaire New Municipal Law Enforcement Building Case Study

Aug 30, 2019

City of Bellaire New Municipal Law Enforcement Building Case Study

Multi-Tower Targeting Technology Cell Phone Signal Booster Case Study

WilsonPro's multi-tower targetting technology sucked in much needed signals from both Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless and broadcasted them fully inside the building.

Location Details:

Having built a much needed Municipal Building hosting the Police Department, Courts and Jail with heavy duty, top quality, storm resistant materials - a cellular signal couldn't penetrate as required. technicians were called and after elaborate site and signal survey, two quality Wilson Pro 1100 signal boosters were selected ending the reception issue, particularly with top carriers AT&T and Verizon.

Major Concern:

Having built its jail, police department, courts and municipal building, the City of Bellaire found out that heavy duty, top quality building materials are perfect as storm resistant solutions but ultimately affect cell phone signal penetration. In particular, the City was interested in AT&T and Verizon cell carriers, whose cellular signals couldn’t penetrate as desired. To keep the legal and law enforcement of the City of Bellaire running and connected with those who needed their services, a solution that would boost the weak signal was required to ensure voice and data networks worked perfectly fine.


The City of Bellaire Municipal, Jail, Courts and Police Department building was built to withstand heavy storms and other elements. This means the cellular connection in the building was heavily affected. technicians who were called to find the problem and offer a working solution came up with seven key sections of the building where cellular signal and reception could easily be enhanced. After intensive site survey and signal tests, two Wilson Pro 1100 amplifiers were selected. These were powerful cellular signal booster systems that would boost the signal many times over and enhance data and voice connection and reception.


Qualified and experienced team technicians were involved in the site survey and installation of the selected two Wilson Pro 1100 amplifiers. Essentially, one Wilson Pro 1100 cell phone signal booster would go upstairs while the other would cater for downstairs. Since the City of Bellaire was more concerned with AT&T and Verizon cell service carriers, the technicians identified two Yagi antennae locations that were installed on the roof, each for one carrier to make the most of available signal from each carrier.

Antennae Installation Process:

An existing roof structure that would have been perfect for antennae attachment was populated with so many other antennae that technicians erected a new 10 ft. tower where the antennae were mounted (see image at the top).

Antenna Cables Routed Inside Building

Exterior antenna cables routed into the building.

Installed Yagi Antennae for ATT and Verizon

Installed Yagi Directional Antennas for AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

2 WilsonPro 1100 Amplifiers Installed

2 WilsonPro 1100 Amplifiers Installed.


Wilson Pro 1100 amplifiers are strong, efficient and robust signal booster systems and having two in the premises was evident from the beginning. Data and voice network were amplified and voice calls, texts, internet and other services were working as needed and required in the new City of Bellaire municipal building.


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  • Has anyone noticed a pattern with police stations and bad (or non-existent) cell phone signals? At what point do people think to install some sort of cell phone booster inside the building before it’s finished? These problems and solutions have been around enough now, but you still see case studies like this.

    Jane Morrison on
  • I wonder if builders will ever come up with strong materials that don’t block or weaken cell phone signals to the point where they’re useless. I can understand why the materials block the signals (and more importantly why the police stations are made of them), but I do wonder what the future holds.

    Arnold Barker on
  • There’s a local cop shop nearby and I see many different antennas around the building. I’d like to know if they have anything like the boosters that the Bellaire police purchased. It seems like a smart thing to get one if the building is blocking out all the cell phone signals.

    Derek Hammer on
  • I enjoyed this article and it raises an important point—the pre-installation site survey. Based on my readings, it’s essential to survey your site beforehand so you can make sure you install the equipment where it will maximize its effectiveness. This goes for residential boosters too (but from what I’ve seen, you can get away with doing it yourself). When it comes to something commercial, you absolutely have to have the techs do the pre-site survey.

    Liz Goodman on
  • Yeah, that’s the problem with well-built/solid buildings—they hold up well against the elements and such, but boy, are they a barrier for cell phone signals. I don’t know what agencies like Bellaire’s law-enforcement would do without signal boosters. Just no way to get a reliable signal otherwise and I know everybody wants to be able to connect.

    Lawrence F. on

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