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Colorado Work from Home Client Improves Cell Phone Coverage

Jul 20, 2017

Colorado Work from Home Client Improves Cell Phone Coverage

Colorado Work from Home Corporate Communications Client Improves Cell Phone Coverage with zBoost SOHO cell phone reception booster. facilitates Work From Home scenarios. #workfromhome.

A Case Study.

Work from home senior corporate communications professional installs zBoost SOHO cell phone signal booster to enhance a terrible cellular signal in the house.

Customer Details.

Living in Denver where spring and winter makes a terrible signal pathetic, the senior communicator working in corporate communications needed a voice and data repeater system for cellular communication to avoid going out in hail, rain and snow conditions to get a better cell phone signal to communicate. The professional wanted a signal booster that has multi-user function and works with all U.S. cellular carriers.

Major Concern.

Enhance the weak and almost absent signal in the house to avoid missing or dropping calls while improving data uploads and downloads within the house.

Proposed Solution.

The corporate communications expert installed the zBoost SOHO cell phone signal booster due to its merits. It improves the signal for multi users simultaneously. It works with all cell phone devices and cellular carriers across Colorado. It operates within 800-1900 MHz frequency, making it perfect for a home or office with a maximum space of 3000 sq ft. Signal booster is easy to install. It works consistently and ensures five bars even in bad weather.

About the Corporate Communications Professional.

As a constant work from home and a senior communicator in the corporate sector, the Denver, Colorado individual had a huge problem getting a reliable signal in the home. Sometimes to get any signal at all, the individual had to go out in the rain, hail or snow to call or ensure there were no dropped or missed calls.

About zBoost.

zBoost was founded in 2002 to offer cell phone boosters to enhance voice and data transmission in homes, business, cars to large and small businesses. The award winning signal booster company enhances signal strength without interfering with the carrier’s signal.

Post Installation Results.

  • Terrible signal transforms to a consistent five bars across the home.
  • No going out in the snow to make a call.
  • Keeps the user connected to meet work deadlines without worry.
  • Boosts indoor voice and cellular coverage for data cards, wireless alarm panel, Smartphones, Tablets and cellular devices.


Having serious challenges with cellular reception in your place of work, business, home or car? is authorized zBoost installer, retailer and reseller. Indicate your needs and location and the most ideal and effective signal system will be provided for you. Proposal comes with quotes of the installation and equipment to purposely deal with cellular signal complications. Buy the type of cell phone signal booster you need, or contact us for assistance.


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  • Yeah. Having to walk outside in the Denver winter weather for a better cell signal doesn’t sound like the best option. If you work from home, a reliable cell phone connection is more than a convenience, it’s a lifeline for your work.

    Harry Simms on
  • I could see where someone would need a cell phone booster to get the best cell phone coverage in Denver and the best cell phone coverage in Colorado. If you’ve been to Denver, you know the city has many buildings around it and mountains. I can’t imagine either one help out when it comes to receiving cell phone signals. You could have the best cell phone service in Denver in 2018, but it won’t do you any good if things are blocking the signal. That’s why this person was smart to get a cell phone repeater. Glad everything worked out.

    Sandy Cobbs on
  • I’ve been browsing through here and I noticed several articles dealing with people who work from home. That’s important to me because I work from home also. I need a reliable cell phone signal wherever I am so I can make calls without getting disconnected. I’m impressed how cell phone signal boosters increase a phone’s signal strength. Can’t wait to check them out,

    G.H. Firestone II on
  • I work from home and I’m definitely looking for a way how to increase cell phone signal strength. I don’t use a landline, but my cell phone has been erratic. It doesn’t matter how good the phone is, and frankly I’d rather spend the money on a cell phone reception booster. Glad I read about this person’s experience as it gives me a starting point for my search.

    Winn Smythe on

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