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Commercial Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Boosters with Fixed Antennas

Jun 18, 2018

Commercial Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Boosters with Fixed Antennas

Signal boosters have become a necessity for those living in rural areas, but not all users tend to stay at home. Many companies require a considerable amount of travel from their employees and just a standard cell phone signal booster kit may not be enough to contend with lack of cellular signal in some of the more remote regions of the country. In addition to vehicle cell phone signal boosters, cell phone boosters for commercial vehicles give any employee or traveler the best option for keeping in touch with friends, family, and co-workers. In such times as these in 21st century, they are necessary for contacting help in an emergency situation.

Solutions for Multiple Drivers and Multiple Carriers.

Perhaps the greatest solution for fleets with cellular devices needing a boost, is the cross compatibility of our cell signal booster, amplifier, repeater kits. While you may be able to find a cellular device booster from your network provider, they are typically only associated with cell phones and boost signal of cellphones within that network. This raises an issue for fleets which rely upon the professional to provide their own cellular phone, as many people will have different mobile networks.

If these trucks, vans, and other vehicles have multiple drivers, then a larger issue arises. Traditionally, if a booster was to be used, the owner would need to find a cellphone service provider for the company and ensure that all drivers are on the same network. Or the owner would have to purchase multiple signal boosters, amplifiers, repeaters to ensure all drivers and their transit team are well-connected to their respective wireless networks. Our cell phone signal boosting products are compatible with multiple networks, all from the same device. Therefore, you do not have to purchase multiple boosters for the fleet.

Over The Road (OTR) Spring Mount Antennas vs New Motorola (NMO) Mount Antennas.

Smaller fleets that wish to have antennas that can be moved easily from one vehicle to another may wish to purchase OTR signal booster kits. These are high-quality boosters with spring mount trucker antennas. Unlike the professional NMO antenna installations, they do not require a NMO antenna. This means that you can use a bracket connection or mirror mount connector for exterior antenna of the booster (ideal for semi-trucks and larger vehicles).

Police vehicles, service vehicles, government fleets, postal carrier vehicles such as UPS, FedEX, USPS, and mobile based professional service vehicles require continuous communication between the various parties or employees. Therefore, they need constant connectivity which both OTR and NMO options provide. However, during the course of their work, their vehicles may have to be left unattended for substantial periods of time. They also drive in rugged terrains such as mountainous, hilly regions or downhill valley roads. Therefore, they require a rugged fixed vehicle top or trunk antenna - A drill-in fixed and permanent 4G NMO antenna boosting solution. Please note that the NMO antenna based boosters require professional installation service that we can provide. Request vehicle cell signal booster installation service if your company has a fleet of vehicles that will benefit from our vehicle cell signal boosters.

Benefits of an OTR antenna booster.

OTR cellular device boosters are ideal for vehicles where owners do not wish to drill-mount exterior antenna. Antennas are designed more to the mac truck and larger fleet vehicles but can be used on smaller fleet vehicles. Especially beneficial for the mounting is ability to run the cable through the door without risking damage to the cable or the door. Secondly, as the OTR package is also available in cradle mount option. With cradle booster, fleets that require constant communications between other vehicles and/or the home office can comply with the hands free legislation of the state (38 states have legislation which makes the use of a hand held cellphone illegal).

Why would you need a NMO antenna booster?

Our high-performance NMO antennas are fixed permanently on roofs or trunks of vehicles making them very difficult to pry open, removed, or stolen. Like Over The Road signal booster antennas, they are also intended to relay the maximum FCC-allowed gain from signal amplifier to your cellular device. They are specifically designed for fleets. They boost signals of 4G LTE & 3G smartphones, and other such devices that you use alongside the booster up to 32 times.

NMO mounting is the more widely used of antennas and thereby offers the most options when it comes to the type of antenna that is to be used with the NMO mounts. Typically, the NMO is mounted in a watertight or water-resistant housing. Additionally, fleet vehicle owners that wish to stay with the standard used in most commercial vehicles and emergency service vehicles, will require a NMO antenna with a S0-239 type mount.

Primarily, advantages of using a high performance cellular device booster, equipped with a NMO are:

  • More stability to the antenna.
  • Clutter free space, as the device mounts to the headliner of the vehicle.
  • Simultaneous boosting of multiple devices.
  • Compatibility with all major US and Canadian carriers.
  • Boost of signal strength up to 32X.
  • Durability and water resistance, as opposed to thinner antennas which tend to have issues in high winds and inclement weather.

How do I find out where to mount my antenna?

The best way to ensure that you have the proper mounting of your cellular booster is to have a professional install your antenna for you. It is required that any NMO based antenna have a certified professional install the device. This does not mean that you can not perform a soft install of your antenna. To do so, place the antenna in the desired location. Ensure that you do not take off any protective film (such as that which may be covering the pins of your NMO). Use tape to mark where you want the antenna to be. Run the cable from the desired position through an open door or window. Place the interior antenna in its desire position. At this point you do not need to worry about any of the power. All that the soft install does is ensure that the cables and the antennas are placed strategically. If you find that there is too much tension on the cables, move the antennas. Remember that you need 6” from any passenger and that there also needs to be 6" from all windows (including sunroofs).

Can I boost the functionality of my 2-way?

Yes, so long as the device is based upon cellular technology. Any device which relies upon the same technology as smartphones and cellular based devices can benefit from the use of a cellular signal booster. Please keep in mind that the devices are intended, primarily, for 4G LTE and 3G products. Older phones, such as 2G, may not see an increase in signal strength. It is recommended that fleets which are seeking to use a booster have at least 3G data capabilities on the 2-way and other devices to ensure the best results.

Note: Certain CBs may not be affected by the signal booster as they rely upon different frequencies than cellphone. Please ensure that your CBs are cellular based prior to purchasing your NMO Antenna cellular boosting kit. If you need to use a cellphone booster apart from your CBs, ensure that you install the antennas at least a foot apart for the best results.

Can your boosters help increase Public Safety Bands?

Public Safety bands operate on a lower frequency than many network providers including 700 MHz (FirstNet Ready), 800 MHz, and 900 MHz SMR service bands. However, this does not mean that they cannot be boosted. Using special NMO Antenna and signal amplifier that covers those frequencies, signals are sent from NMO antenna to the booster where they are amplified and relayed back to the public safety wireless network tower. For public safety vehicles, it is strongly recommended that a cellular booster be implemented as it can (A) Increase the efficiency of relaying information in rural areas. (B) Allow for quicker tracking of emergency vehicles in emergency situations where time and information are critical for the preservation of life. (C) Minimizes the risk of mis-information due to dropped calls, lost data, etc.

What else do I need to ensure that my fleet is compliant as well as competitive?

In order to remain competitive, cellular network dependent companies should ensure that the phones that they have are up to date with the latest framework. Check the upgrades in your phone by going to the phone > settings > upgrades. Once you have upgraded your phones, then install the signal booster. Additional accessories could be needed to remain compliant with local laws and regulations. Specifically, you may need to purchase Voice Talk/ loT & M2M data mobile coverage accessories. We can help you to install these enhancing equipment options.

Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Cell Signal Boosters.

The popularity of commercial vehicle cell phone signal boosters is not merely a fad, but an entity that is sure to improve over time and provide more companies with the many benefits of their use. If you are still on the fence about how this innovative technology can help your fleet business, let us put your mind at ease and look at the many benefits of using commercial car or truck cell phone signal boosters.

Client Happiness.

We live in a world where a cell phone signal can be relatively easy to come by. However, cell signals can sometimes be difficult to find in rural areas and dropped calls are an ongoing issue even in larger city. A dropped call for a customer or an inability to get in contact with a driver can cause frustration for both parties. With a commercial in-vehicle cell phone signal booster installed in a fleet, dropped calls and spotty signals are a thing of the past. Better communication means less frustration and happier customers and happy clients mean a better rating for the business leading to a significant increase in business options.

An All Too Common Problem.

When a person gets into business maintaining a fleet of vehicles for any reason, they never want to think of the fact that theft can happen. Fleet vehicles can be especially vulnerable to theft as drivers often have to leave the vehicle for a small period of time for deliveries and many must leave the vehicle completely in unsecured parking areas while staying overnight in hotels. This gives criminals the opportunity to get away with the vehicle before the employee even realizes what has happened.

Thousands of fleet thefts occur each year and many of these thieves are able to get away with the crime completely as the vehicles have little or no tracking features. Commercial vehicle cell phone signal boosters offer the added bonus of being able to be tracked in an emergency if a location tracking cellular modem exists within the vehicle. There is little that can be done to stop any theft from happening, but with this technology, culprits are tailed and apprehended far more frequently even if cell signal is weak in area where vehicle is parked or stored.

Trusted Reputation.

Any company understands that it takes many years to build up a reputation and just a few bad reviews to bring it down again. Adding commercial cell phone signal boosters to your fleet, whether utility services, vehicle rentals, sales teams or any other type of business, will improve your reputation with potential customers. When customers can connect with the company and even the individual driver, they tend to leave better reviews for the entire company leading to an increase in potential new clientele.

Which Signal Booster?

The market for commercial car, truck, bus cell phone signal boosters for fleets is on the rise as more fleet based companies are being introduced. Contact us and we will recommend the best kit for your fleet vehicles. We carry them for clients in every industry for increased cellular range no matter where the vehicle travels to. Ideal for use with all carriers our universal cell phone signal booster provides peace of mind to your drivers and your entire company.

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  • Did anyone else see the extra selling point for commercial vehicle signal boosters? I didn’t see this the first time I read it, but this article claims the booster can be used to track a stolen vehicle. That’s an added bonus that I like. Do you have to put in extra software when you do this and how exactly does it work?

    Lori Stanton on
  • Question: “Do I have to worry about someone yanking it off or is it difficult to do so?”
    Answer: It is very difficult to remove these antennas. You’re talking about fixed antennas that have a metal bore drilled into the roof or trunk of the vehicle. This bore has a nut which is screwed on from inside the vehicle cabin to fit the antenna on the vehicle tightly. Thus, you can’t just “yank off” the antenna (unless you happen to be the Hulk or Superman). These vehicle cell phone signal boosters are designed to be sturdy from everything I’ve seen, whether it’s resisting the elements or malcontents

    Jan Davis on
  • So these are like cell phone signal boosters for home, but you put them in your vehicle to get the same results? The fixed antennas sound powerful, but I have a question, how sturdy are they. Also, are they easy to take off. Say my fleet goes through a bad neighborhood. Do I have to worry about someone yanking it off or is it difficult to do so?

    Owen Thomas on
  • So it’s not just a question of the best cell phone booster or the best cell phone booster for rural areas (which is an issue I’d imagine for any fleet), but also a question of which antenna to get for your exterior cell phone booster. If you’re going to want the benefit of an exterior cell phone booster so you car/truck/van gets a strong cell phone signal, you’ll want to make sure your antenna is the ideal one for your fleet. This blog helped me understand the ways different antennas work best for a commercial fleet. Another helpful blog.

    Dave Oldman on
  • Cell phone boosters are being recognized as a way to improve your cellular communication, be it in the home, office, or on the road. The next question then is finding the best cell phone signal booster for your individual or group needs. This article helped me understand the difficulties fleets can face when they take a piecemeal approach to providing cell phone boosters. If you have drivers with AT&T phones, and Verizon phones, why buy an AT&T cell phone signal booster or a Verizon cell phone signal booster when you can install one system? Sounds like a smart way to keep your fleet connected.

    Craig Huntley on

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